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6 March 2017

New Co-op missions - Assault!

“Assault” that’s the name of the new game mode, Co-op mission in the skies and on the ground against superior enemy numbers.“Assault” mode missions will be available for all vehicles of all ranks and nations. 

Matchmaker in the “Assault” battles works by using the highest vehicle’s BR in a player’s setup. 

You may participate on your own or bring a squad of friends. Up to 8 players may take part in one battle and may choose any vehicle from any nation. All vehicles in all crew slots can participate in this battle (up to 11 machines, or even more if you have back-ups) and the battle rank is defined by the vehicle with the highest Battle Rating in a player’s lineup. In ground battles of “Assault” mode, players will have an opportunity to use attackers or bombers as in Arcade battles,  and may call up to  3 artillery strikes if they have the module researched. 

During each task in “Assault” mode, players will face waves of AI controlled enemies with every consequent wave being stronger than the previous one. The rank of the vehicles is defined by the BR of the players’ vehicles - e.g. pre-war machines will not face cold war tanks. The battle is won after the last enemy vehicle in the last wave is destroyed.  

An important feature of Assault is concentration primarily on protecting the target from the AI. Destroyed opponents bring tangible benefits only if the team can hold out long enough. In assault battles, boosters do not work and destroyed AI-enemies will not counted for unlocking certain game content like decals, decorators, camouflages (items based upon killing enemies) etc.

Goal of Assault - To hold out as team under heavy attack for as long you can, in so destroyed enemies will bring you more substantial income!

A player will receive a personal RP or SL booster for participating in the first “Assault” battle the play each day. The longer you will hold out under the enemy attack, the better will the reward booster will be!

“Assault” is perfect for starting any gaming day in War Thunder!  You can “warm up” a little while destroying bots before you join battles against real players or you may find a friend for a squad (and get a useful booster which will come in handy in random battles). 

The all new “Assault” mode awaits you in War Thunder update 1.67 named - Assault!
See you on the battlefield. 

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