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New Location: Novorossiysk
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We’re pleased to present a new location for mixed battles – the Port of Novorossiysk. This familiar location to War Thunder pilots has been given a spacious battlefield for ground vehicles.
We’re pleased to present a new location for mixed battles – the port of Novorossiysk. In the autumn of 1943, Soviet troops broke through the heavily defended Axis line at the port with a daring landing attack under dense artillery fire. This was one of the most successful joint operations of the army, air force and navy, and it played a decisive role in freeing the southern USSR from its occupation forces. We invite you to fight for the freight railroad terminal at the Port of Novorossiysk. War Thunder pilots are sure to recognize this location from the Kuban and Crimean Village missions – now it’s time for tankers to join the fray!

Our artists have done incredible work with archive data – photographs, airphoto intelligence data and historical newsreels. Some rather exotic materials were used to produce this location, including a diagram of tramway lines from the early 40s and a set of pre-revolution postcards featuring views of Novorossiysk. As a result, we succeeded in recreating the city’s harbour – the hero of Novorossiysk – and port, the freight railroad terminal, elevator, residential area and the city park. Of course, we had to slightly alter the precise zone of military conflict so as not to provide a substantial advantage to one team or the other.

Tank battles on the Novorossiysk map will take place for the control of strategically important zones in the vicinity of the railroad terminal, city streets and park. Players will fight in urban conditions and among bombed-out residential areas and railroad warehouses. At the same time, the map allows for the use of any tactic – from short-range brawls to sniper ambushes. The city also contains wide asphalt avenues for fast breakthroughs, and a multitude of cover among ruined buildings, gullies, craters and the remains of rail cars. Aircraft must destroy enemy ground targets with bombing runs to support the actions of their allies.

Novorossiysk awaits War Thunder pilots and tankers in the 1.59 "Flaming Arrows" update!
See you on the battlefield!

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