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Raketenjagdpanzer 2, the Low Profile Slinger
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The German SPG Hanomag-Henschel Raketenjagdpanzer-2 is a big brother to the JPz  4-5. The cannon has been removed from the front armour plate, thus making it monolithic, also a mounted machine gun has been added. The Commanders and drivers seats have been moved to the front and have triplexes for better view. The machine has an operator’s gunsight and a Commander's Panoramic Sight - you can see them on the 3d model of the vehicle.

The RakJPz 2 SPG has light armour - only 50mm at the front of the hull, even though it is angled it does not provide good protection from enemy hits. But ATGMs compensate for all RakJPz 2 disadvantages - it can make two shots before reloading and carries 14 rockets that can burn through 60 cm (!) of homogenous armour. Doubtless, this is will be a real monster in War Thunder tank battles!

The Raketenjagdpanzer-2 commander should avoid being spotted (the low profile will help a lot) and aim the guided rockets accurately, trying to damage the enemy ammo rack in the first place. That is how the Raketenjagdpanzer-2 becomes a silent and deadly tank assassin that sends its opponents to the hangar one by one.  The awesome speed of this SPG (70 km/h both forward and reverse) will allow you to be the first to get into a good position and rapidly roll back for reloading after launching 2 rockets.

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The players will be able to test the top German SPG really soon in the upcoming update 1.59 "Flaming Arrows" - see you on the battlefield!

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