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Strv-81: The Missile Centurion
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Like we promised, we’re continuing our story about tanks with ATGMs in War Thunder. Today’s hero is the export version of the Centurion III for the Swedish army – the Strv-81.
Very recently, we announced a new stunning ammo type for tank battles in War Thunder – anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM). For update 1.59 "Flaming Arrows", we prepared several tanks armed with ATGMs. The next missile-thrower will be the Swedish Strv-81 tank – an export version of the Centurion Mk III equipped with Robot.52 guided missiles. We already spoke about the Centurion itself in one of our Diaries – the vehicle has long been available in British ground vehicle tree. But the ATGMs are worth some extra attention! Let’s talk about them in more detail.

Each Robot.52 (SS.11) can pierce up to 600mm of armour

The Strv-81’s additional armament comes in the form of three French anti-tank guided missiles SS.11 (in the Swedish army, they received the designation Robot.52). The missiles are attached in open launchers on the right side of the tank’s turret. Each missile weighs 30 kg, with a warhead weight of 8 kg. The armour piercing characteristics of the ATGMs amounts to 600 mm with a direct hit, meaning the tank can penetrate any armoured target in War Thunder.

The Robot.52 missiles are first-generation ATGMs. In practice in the game, the difference between first and second generation ATGMs consists in the way the missile is controlled in flight. With first-generation ATGMs, the player can control the missile in Realistic and Simulator Battles via the movement keys. Arcade Battle players won’t see a difference between the ATGM generations – all guided missiles in this mode are controlled with the mouse via the tank sight.

ATGMs on the Centurion III are an undeniably nice bonus to the standard weaponry of this good British tank. Each of the three missiles can potentially deprive the opponent of one tank – it all depends on the tanker’s skill to launch the missiles in a timely manner and lead their death-dealing warheads to the vital compartments of the enemy tank.

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The Strv-81 will be a rank IV British tank

The tank will be available as part of a special package in the online store.

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