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Squadron Activity Improvements
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Improved Squadron Activity Mechanic

There will be major changes added to the squadron activity mechanic in one of the next upcoming updates. Squadron activity was originally introduced to make it easier for players and squadron commanders to understand the activity level of a squadron or the individual players within it outside of squadron battles. It did this very well, but there was still place for improvement. Players who left comments about this mechanic have always wanted activity to be more than just a number – they want it to represent something more and be more useful to the players who are earning it. Well, we feel the same way, so it’s finally going to happen in the next update!

Activity points earned by squadron members can now be spent to research special squadron vehicles. Squadrons can now combine their efforts to unlock new aircraft, tanks and ships.


Player activity is the sum of activity points gathered by the player during the last 14 days. Activity points are earned in all battles in which Research Points are accrued to the vehicles. One activity point is given for every 200 RPs.

To get activity, it is not necessary to play squadron battles - it is enough be a squadron member and play random battles.

Squadron Vehicles Coming in one of the future updates!

Three new vehicles will become available for research in update 1.87 one of the future updates:

  • The M901 ITV, a rank VI American ATGM SPG

  • The SKR Pr.35, a rank III Soviet ship

  • The B-48 Firecrest, a rank IV British fighter/attack aircraft

All three vehicles will have the earning power on the linear vehicle level.

If a player leaves their squadron and joins another one, all of the squadron activity points they have spent on vehicles will be retained, and the vehicles themselves too, so you can leave your squadron if you need to without worrying about having to research your squadron vehicles all over again.

Changes to Squadron Activity Calculation

The mechanic for accruing squadron activity points will be changed – they will now be accrued once every three days. The maximum possible activity will be increased, and it will also be limited to three days rather than 24 hours. So you won’t need to log into the game every day to accrue the maximum number of activity points.

Once every three days all players who are in a squadron and have been active during that period will accrue points toward researching the squadron vehicle they have selected. The size of the reward will depend on two things:

  • The player’s activity compared to the average activity of the squadron members
  • The total activity accrued by all members of the squadron

Players who have not logged into the game/earned activity during this period will not get a reward.

The total activity accrued by all members of a squadron will also have a maximum value that can be spent on vehicles for those three days.

Researching Vehicles

A player must be a member of a squadron to research squadron vehicles. You can either join an existing squadron or create your own.

Squadron equipment can be researched regardless of the primary vehicle you are researching and does not affect its progress. For example, if a player in the American tree is researching a rank III light tank and starts researching the rank VI squadron SPG, the tank will continue to be researched along with the SPG.

All squadron members do not necessarily have to research the same vehicle – they can each decide which one they like best.

For players who don’t want to join a squadron, we’re planning to add the option to buy squadron vehicles for Golden Eagles. In addition, if a vehicle has been partially researched, the number of Golden Eagles required to purchase it will be reduced in proportion to the number of squadron activity points that have already been invested in it. This feature will be added in an update after 1.87 “Locked on!” in the near future.


Where will the Squadron vehicles be placed in the tech tree?

A: It will be placed to the right in the research tab along with premium vehicles. Unlike premiums these vehicles’ icons will be highlighted in green colour.   


Will these vehicles give specific rewards in squadron battles?

A: No


To research a vehicle from the US tree, do we have to play with a US vehicle? Or we can we use one from another nation of the same type of vehicle? Or is the same type of vehicle needed ? An aircraft for an aircraft,a ground vehicle for an ITV?

A: You can use any nation you want to research squadron vehicles, no matter which country’s tech tree the vehicle is in (air, ground or naval). The main condition to earn Squadron activity points is to earn as much RP as you can.


To unlock for example a vehicle from VI rank, do we need to have this rank unlocked?

A: No, you don’t. squadron vehicles do not require a specific rank to be unlocked


How long would it take to unlock a rank VI squadron vehicle as compared to a regular rank VI?

A: We can’t say exactly. This depends on a squadrons member count, members average activity, current users activity and so on


Will the player of the training squadrons be able to receive RP?

О. Yes, they will receive RP.


Will there be additional unique vehicles to research for the squadron or changes in the feature?

A: New vehicles will be added.


Can I create the squadron with only one member and receive vehicles by playing alone?

A: You can, but you need to understand that it will take a lot of time.


How exactly does the total activity of all members of the squadron affect the vehicle research?

A: The reward points which will be used for the research of squadron vehicles will be calculated on the basis of  total activity collected by all members of the squadron. It means that if you have 10 members in the squadron and each of them get 100 activity points, the reward will be calculated on the basis of 1000 points.


If I receive the vehicle and decide after that to leave the squadron and not to join any other squadron will the vehicle stay in my hangar?

A: Yes, you will still have the vehicle, you will not  need to research it again. Moreover, you can start to research the vehicle, get some points, and leave the squadron. The points will be saved. But it will be impossible to earn more new points until you will join another squadron.

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