War Thunder background
Type 16 MCV: Elite Marksman
The Type 16 MCV is a modern Japanese wheeled tank destroyer, developed in the early 2000s for rapid deployment in the event of an outbreak of hostilities. Coming soon to War Thunder with update 1.89!
  • 27 5월 2019
The T1 Type Motor Torpedo Boat: The Early Stages
The T1 Type Motor Torpedo Boat is a standard representative of the mosquito fleet, possessing all the defensive and offensive capabilities that one might expect of her tier.
  • 27 5월 2019
Douglas A2D-1 Skyshark: Wyvern to the Max!
The Skyshark will suit fans of the attack aircraft, particularly those familiar with the Skyraider models. The same excellent vehicle but with even better dynamics and firepower!
  • 24 5월 2019
New locations in update 1.89 - “Smolensk” and “Volcanic Island”
In update “Imperial Navy” we will add two new locations to the game - the aircraft location “Smolensk” and a naval location “Volcanic Island”!
  • 23 5월 2019
New clouds for air battles
In War Thunder update 1.89 “"Imperial Navy” we are improving the clouds in aircraft battles at high graphical settings.
  • 23 5월 2019
Mutsuki: Frozen in the Crosshairs
Mutsuki was the lead ship of her class of twelve destroyers laid down for the Imperial Japanese Navy during the 1920s. Having participated in numerous operations in the Pacific theatre, Mutsuki is now set to arrive in War Thunder with the long-awaited introduction of the Japanese naval forces, coming with update 1.89 "Imperial Navy"!
  • 22 5월 2019
Alvis Stormer HVM: Control of the skies!
The Stormer HVM was the pinnacle of armoured vehicle and AA armament development by the UK. A close range anti-aircraft missile system on a mobile platform is an ideal combination to cover the ground troops.
  • 22 5월 2019
Hunter F.6: Winged Comfort
The F.6 is devoid of the shortcomings of its predecessors, an improved fighter modification of the Hawker Hunter jet fighter, which joined the ranks of the RAF in the mid ‘50s. Fans of British aviation will not only rejoice the addition of this highly requested aircraft to War Thunder as part of update 1.89 “Imperial Navy”, but will also look forward to the unique missile armament that comes with it!
  • 21 5월 2019
Karo-Tei Type 2: Young Gunner
The Karo-Tei Type 2 is a sub-chaser boat used by the Japanese in the later stages of WW2 to combat submarine threats in the waters of Okinawa and the Philippines. In update 1.89 “Imperial Navy”, the Karo-Tei Type 2 will be one of the first vessels unlocked by future IJN captains in War Thunder!
  • 20 5월 2019
Super AMX-30: The Stabilizer Is Ready to Go!
This is a premium version of the popular French tank. The export version has received several upgrades, including... a long-awaited stabilizer!
  • 17 5월 2019
Furutaka: Readied for War
Furutaka is the lead ship of her class and also the first heavy cruiser commissioned by the Imperial Japanese Navy in the 1920s. Also coming to War Thunder as part of update 1.89, a highly modernized version of the Furutaka will be available as the top heavy cruiser to all aspiring captains of the upcoming Japanese naval tree!
  • 17 5월 2019
Me 264: The Teutonic Superfortress
The Messerschmitt Me 264 is a German strategic bomber, initially developed during the late 1930s as a long-range reconnaissance aircraft. In the upcoming update 1.89, pilots may look forward to getting the chance to fly aircraft of the well-known German Amerikabomber project!
  • 16 5월 2019
Akizuki: Fire for Effect!
Developed specifically to provide effective anti-air cover for carrier task forces, Akizuki will offer its captains the best anti-air platform available in the destroyer line of the upcoming Japanese naval forces tree, coming to War Thunder with update 1.89!
  • 15 5월 2019
AMX-50 Surblindé: French Powerlifter
A heavy, powerful tank with an 18-round automatic loader and a 120-mm cannon, the AMX-50 Surblindé is the main prize of the upcoming World War season "Recon under Fire".
  • 13 5월 2019
World War Scenarios: The Battle of Vitebsk
Learn more about one of the upcoming World War Scenarios: The Battle of Vitebsk
  • 12 5월 2019
Leclerc S1 - La République’s Finest
The Leclerc S1 is the first production model of the French main battle tank, developed during the 1980s as a replacement for the outdated AMX-30. Soon, French tankers will have the chance to get their hands on one of the most requested additions to War Thunder, arriving at long last with the upcoming update 1.89!
  • 12 5월 2019
World War Mode - Development Interview
In this interview, Dmitry Gordeyev, the game designer and creator of the new World War mode, who overseen so many closed tests with you, will tell us about the most important and interesting features in the mode, starting with the very basics.
  • 11 5월 2019
F-86K Sabre Dog: The Grand Tourist
A new top ranking jet interceptor developed on the basis of the F-86 Sabre, featuring air-to-air missiles and afterburner!
  • 10 5월 2019