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World War Scenarios: The Battle of Vitebsk

“Each scenario includes a global map of the real world where the armies are located. Armies are presented with vehicles which were, at this period of time, at the disposal of the commanders of the operation. Players are invited to play for one of the opposing sides, playing the real course of history or changing it - perhaps correcting tactical mistakes documented by historians. Squadron commanders begin on a map of the operation of battle - the mechanics will be similar to that of regular battles. In such battles, not only squadron members are involved, but all players when they choose their side in the conflict and the appropriate battle.”

World War developer - Dmitry Gordeev

Historical and game maps of The Battle of Vitebsk.


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We have already described that World War mode in War Thunder will be open for everyone. Battles in it differ from classical regular battles in that, that they are based on the real historical battles and entire operations, whose participants play out the real course of the war or, conversely, change history.

Today we will begin to present to you the first scenarios in which commanders and participants of battles will show their tactical skills.

The Battle of Vitebsk

Moscow - the key goal of the German offensive in 1941. To the rear of the Germans - Warsaw and Minsk, on to the capital of the USSR remains little more than 700 kilometers, where the confident movement of the 2nd and 3rd tank groups of army "Center" in the direction of Vitebsk has been halted by two Soviet mechanized corps of the 20th Army of the Western Front.

On the 6th of July, a fierce tank battle began, which lasted 5 days.

In War Thunder we have recreated this historical event, where the Soviet side is required to hold the approaches to Vitebsk for given time which will give them enough to win, while the Germans will have to be active in order to break through the complex defense. After all, nature is on the side of the Soviets - the Western Dvina River reliably covers almost half the front, leaving large tank units of the Wehrmacht even fewer ways for a large-scale offensive.

The German side in this operation is significantly superior with the amount of medium-sized tanks it has, while from the side of the USSR although there is a smaller number, they do have the legendary KV-1 and the reliable T-34. Go ahead, warriors, write your own story!

Learn more about the tasks of the combatants and the vehicles involved in this operation on the War Thunder WIKI.

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