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What is War Thunder?

War Thunder is a cross-platform MMO combat game for PC, Mac and PS4 dedicated to military aviation, armoured vehicles, and Naval ships used in the time period that includes WWII and the cold war. The Naval part will be implemented in the future.

Do I need to buy the game and/or pay a subscription in order to play War Thunder?

No, the game is completely free to download and play without any restrictions or fees.

Can I play the game offline?

No, you need a permanent internet connection in order to play War Thunder.

How many game modes are in the game?

War Thunder has both PVE and PVP content with different difficulty options available. In PVE you can select Dynamic Campaigns and separate missions to play solo or with up to 4 players co-op. But War Thunder is primarily about PVP action. Players can experience a huge diversity of different mission types in different modes with prefered difficulty settings for any taste. In “Random Battles” players fight each other and compete tasks like capture and hold of positions, elimination or protection of certain targets.

There are three main difficulty levels in the game: “Arcade” “Realistic battles” and “Simulator battles”.

You can check the “Events” menu, where you can participate in battles with unique conditions, including reconstruction of real historical battles in the player vs player mode.

We also have “User created missions”, where you can download directly from live.warthunder.com, and also “Custom Missions” - an editor where you can create mission conditions with your favorite game parameters.

How many players are able to play together?

In most game modes, the maps are designed for 32 players split into two teams.

What aircraft and ground vehicles are available in the game?

Players are free to choose between the military aircraft of seven main nations: USA, Germany, USSR, Great Britain, Japan, Italy and France, which also have aircraft of other nations included in them, like Australia and others. We have fighters, attackers, light and heavy bombers and ship-based aircraft in our game. You can see the current list of available aircraft on our wiki-page: https://wiki.warthunder.com/index.php?title=Category:Aviation

For ground forces we currently have five nations: USSR, Germany, USA, Britain, France and Japan. Light and heavy tanks, Self-propelled artillery guns and anti-air vehicles. You can see the current list of available ground forces vehicles on our wiki-page: https://wiki.warthunder.com/index.php?title=Category:Ground_vehicles

Currently there are over 1,000 highly detailed aircraft, tanks, warships and other combat vehicles crafted carefully from historical documents and surviving sources and more are added with each major update. Approximately 9,000 different aircraft and ground vehicles fought in WWII – that’s the ideal number we are aiming for!

Can I play together with friends?

Yes, you can invite your friends to the game, assemble a squad of up to four people, take part in battles together, and get extra rewards.

Can the player-controlled aircraft fight in the same battle as player-controlled ground forces?

There are separate maps for aircraft versus aircraft, tanks vs tanks and mixed battles.

Can players from around the world play on any of the US, European, Russian or Asian servers?

We have one global account server. Users within the game can choose to play on any or all of our EU, US, SEA or RU clusters, so the players can communicate with the world as well as in their native languages.

Can different types of vehicles participate in one battle?

In combined battles, players fight together either with tanks and aircraft/helicopters or with ships and aircraft. Anti-air units such as SPAAGs and others provide a solid line of defence for allied armoured vehicles against aerial strikes, while a bomber can prove to be handy when you need to sink an enemy destroyer in a naval battle.

Can I get some in-game advantages by paying real money?

No, you can’t! There is no way to get any advantage in battle by spending real money.

You can buy Golden Eagles – special in-game currency which you can use to train your crews faster and unlock new vehicles and upgrades for them earlier. But you’ll be fighting against more experienced and better equipped users, who didn’t spend anything.

You can also can buy a premium account with Golden Eagles, which lets you earn more Silver Lions and Research Points for each battle, and this also allows you to unlock new vehicles and upgrades for them earlier.

Lastly, with Golden Eagles you can buy “premium” planes and tanks, which come prepackaged with all upgrades. But they aren’t any better than regular vehicles – these are just rare models, like Australian aircraft in the UK research-tree.

What is the Gaijin.NET Agent and how do I get my game to update automatically?

The only purpose of the Gaijin.Net Agent is to keep track of updates for War Thunder or other games developed by Gaijin Entertainment and refresh them to the latest version, thus saving you time and effort. The Gaijin.Net Agent is safe and harmless. It only works with game files and has no access to a users’ personal files.

You can enable/disable automatic updates by loading the game launcher and then pressing on the wrench icon in the top-right corner of the window.

Players using Steam can also update and launch the client through their game library. However, we recommend that you use the auto-update feature and launch the game via the original launcher.

Can I play War Thunder using gamepad or joystick?

Of course! The game supports many gaming devices including different gamepads, joysticks, head-tracking and VR-systems such as Oculus Rift and many more.

Is a joystick required to play the game?

To make controls comfortable for players we created a “Mouse Aim” control mode. In this mode a Virtual Instructor will help the player to perform the majority of combat maneuvers with a mouse only. Its not available in simulator mode and we recommend to use joystick or gamepad for this mode, but with enough practice it possible to fly with a mouse even there - there is a control scheme which simulate joystick movements with a mouse.

What are the System Requirements for War Thunder?

You can see the War Thunder system requirements for supported operating systems on this page - System Requirements

How many languages does the game support?

Currently the game is available in English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese. You can change the language in the game launcher.

PlayStation® 4판 War Thunder의 현재 버전

Does the game require PS Plus to play multiplayer?

No, you can download the game from the PS Store for free and play it without any restrictions.

Will be there any benefits for PS Plus owners?

Yes, PS Plus owners get a 40% Research Points and 75% Silver Lion Booster for 10 battles each month, plus a unique P-36 aircraft variant and another unique decal for decorating their vehicles.

Is there some exclusive content for PS4 version?

Yes, all PS4 players will get a unique decal for decorating their planes and they can also purchase an exclusive “Invader” Advanced Pack which includes US attack aircraft A-26C-45-DT Invader and other bonuses.

Can PC and PS4 users play together?

Yes, you are playing on the same server and even can form squads (up to 4 people) to play together regardless of user’s platform.

Can I use my existing PC-account on PS4?

You have to create a new account for PS4 and can’t use your existing account.

Can I use my existing EU PSN-account in North American version?

You have to create a new NA PSN-account and can’t use your existing account.

Can I play War Thunder on PS4 using flightstick, mouse or keyboard?

You can use any USB-compatible device - just plug-in them into system.

Does the game support the PlayStation Camera?

Yes, it is used for head tracking so the player can look around in-game without using the controller. It can be enabled in game options and works only in cockpit view for planes.

How can I purchase digital goods for my PS4 account?

You can purchase Golden Eagles and Advanced Packs through PS Store - use the “Store” button in the upper right corner of hangar screen.

Can I play War Thunder on my PS4 in 4K resolution?

Yes, you can. On PS4 Pro, the game supports 4K, as well as hi-res shadows and lighting (HDR).

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What is Revenue Share?

Revenue Share - is a support program for user generated content, created in the War Thunder CDK. A player will get rewarded for his or her input into the game development if it is created by them and the content has been used in War Thunder

How will the award be calculated?

An award will be payed at 25% of the income, which the Company will get in a set period of time or in a one-time payment. If content is distributed as a premium proposition (for example, as an advanced pack), when content from other authors is included inside it, the award will be calculated proportionally. For example, the Company decided to pay the author for an aircraft model, which is included in a pack with 5 aircraft (4 of which were made by other authors or developers). If Company got $1000 income, then the authors share will be ⅕ of the income * 25% (award amount) and will be $50.

In what time-frames will the award be paid?

The first award will be paid no sooner than 180 days after content was added to the game. After that, an award will be paid during 30 days from the end of the calendar quarter at which Company received the income from the distribution of said content. The amount of the one-time payment shouldn’t be less than $500. If during the accounting reference period the amount of the award is less than $500, then payment is transferred to the next accounting reference period or (only by the Company decision) until the amount of the total award will not reach $500 or more.

How can I get the award?

The award is paid by bank transfer, cheque or any other method, not excluding WebMoney, at the discretion of the Company. Assistance agreement: https://live.warthunder.com/assistance_agreement/

계정 보안과 사용 금지된 서드파티 프로그램

Can malefactors possibly access War Thunder accounts passwords?

We can officially state that the players database has never been compromised and any rumours of such are false. Users’ login data is not grouped in any kind of ‘database’, so the breach of any database is not possible.

User authorization in War Thunder is a subject to a secure salted hash algorithm, these are near impossible to breach even if a malicious individual could even access any player database.

Unfortunately, some of our players still use the same or similar logins and passwords to access different systems, which gives an attacker the best opportunity to steal information from unsecured sources and use it to compromise careless players’ accounts.

We advise you to use a unique complex password for your War Thunder account; it will greatly improve your personal data security. You are also able to enable a two-step authorisation for your account.

To increase the protection of your account from hacking and stealing attempts, we have implemented a two-step authorisation system utilizing the Google Authenticator service. This system has been introduced to protect your account in any case, even if a malefactor would be able to get your password. To use the Google Authenticator, the only thing you will need is a smartphone based on either the iOs, Android or BlackBerry operating system. However, unofficial applications for Windows phone and desktop computers also exist. To enable the two-step authorisation, you will need to login at the general login page located at: https://login.gaijin.net/.

Is it possible to use cheats in War Thunder (like speed-hack, invulnerability and other unfair advantages)?

All movements and player interactions like collisions, damage etc. are calculated on the server side. It means that even if corresponding parameters are modified on the client side, the cheater will not actually gain any advantages like invulnerability, increased damage or anything similar. Anyone pretending to distribute software that gives such advantages is probably a fraudster looking to steal your money or compromise your personal data.

Can cheats enabling markers and lead indicators in Simulation Battles exist?

Finding and identifying targets is an essential part of the Simulation battle mode and players are, theoretically, able to modify game files to see target markers on much greater distances than intended (thus violating EULA and becoming susceptible to permanent ban). Calculating visibility on the server side is an option, but it will raise the connection quality requirements dramatically; players will need zero packet loss with a latency of 50ms or lower. Higher latency values will cause players to appear and disappear in plain sight. Our game is not so demanding to a player’s internet connection, basically allowing play on any server from anywhere in the world. One of the consequences is that enemy aircraft visibility is only calculated in a set radius around the player.

Nevertheless, visibility “cheats” do not give any noticeable advantage in duels, because markers are always displayed at distances allowing a reliable hit on a target anyway. Our tests show that enabling lead indicators for one of the teams does not give it any significant advantage. On the contrary, tactics, communication and skill always determined the outcome of battles.

But we still continue working on identifying illegal game modifications and banning players that use such modifications because we believe that cheating breaks the spirit of sportsmanship even if it doesn’t give a big advantage.

What is aim-bot or auto-aim?

The term originates from First Person Shooters, since in the majority of shooters it is enough to move mouse cursor to a certain point and press “fire”; huge part of gameplay is to match crosshair with a target.

In War Thunder in “aiming mode” a player controls not the direction of fire but the desired direction of a aircraft flight or turret aim instead. AI and predictive calculations manage aircraft and turret controls controls and they try to adjust to the intended course as soon as possible. Also it is never possible to change the flight path or turret aim immediately unlike in the FPS games. Enemy is usually a considerable distance away so you need to lead your target while firing and shoot the point where you expect your enemy to be when the bullets reach it.

We have conducted multiple tests and they show that “ideal” auto-aim-bot (which is hard to achieve without a possibility to modify both server’s and client’s code at the same time) shows results similar to those of an average player in arcade battle mode, even worse in realistic battles and (simulator battles do not have mouse-aim). In duels such an “ideal” aim-bot (still impossible without modifications on server) will more likely weaken the player.

What should I do if I find an exploitable game bug?

Online games, like any other programs, may contain errors that users can exploit to gain some benefits. We do our best to fix such exploits as fast as possible, but sometimes new ones appear. If you find a potentially exploitable game bug, you should immediately report it to one of our moderators or administrators on the forums or via a private message. Using them to obtain any advantages is strictly prohibited by the EULA and may cause permanent blockage of your War Thunder account.

Linux판 War Thunder의 현재 버전

Where can I download a Linux version of War Thunder?

You can download the Linux version from here. You can also download Linux Launcher from our website or on Steam.

Where can I download the Linux version of War Thunder?

Follow this link to download the Linux version of the game. Please note that War Thunder only supports 64-bit systems. You can also download and launch the Linux version of the game on Steam.

How can I install and launch the War Thunder version for Linux?

You can download the Linux version by following this link. Please note that only 64-bit systems are supported. You can also download and launch the Linux client via Steam.

By following the download link you will receive the ‘wt_launcher_linux_x.x.x.x.tar.gz’ file. You then must do the following:

  • Unzip the ‘wt_launcher_linux_x.x.x.x.tar.gz’ file in the folder where you want to install War Thunder.
  • In the folder where you unpacked the archive select file “run” and launch it.
  • The game launcher will start.
  • Can I continue to use Wine version?

    Yes. You can continue using the Wine version of the game even if you installed a native client within the same folder.

    What can I do if a version is not working?

    You need the most recent proprietary drivers for your videocard. If something's gone wrong, and the game is not launching at all because of invalid settings, you can always try to run it using the minimum possible settings. To do so, just go to the War Thunder folder (i.e. ~/Games/WarThunder) and run: ./aces -safe -mode:windowed -resolution:1280x720

    List of possible game options (for direct client launch)

    -safe - will run the game with "minimum" settings
    -mode:windowed - will run in windowed mode
    -mode:fullscreen - will run in full screen mode
    -resolution:WidthxHeight - will run the game with specific valid resolutions where WidthxHeight is needed resolution, i.e. 1920x1080 or 1280x720

    Xbox One판 War Thunder의 현재 버전

    When will War Thunder be available on Xbox One?

    The game is available for free to all players with active Xbox Live Gold subscription.

    What exclusive content is included with the Xbox One version of War Thunder?

    The following exclusive vehicle packs are available in Xbox Store:

  • USS Bennion destroyer
  • F4U-4B Corsair fighter aircraft of Marine Fighting Squadron 214
  • XM-1 Chrysler tank
  • M5A1 tank of 5th Canadian Armored division
  • M3A1 tank of United States Marine Corps
  • How does War Thunder on Xbox One differ from versions on other platforms?

    War Thunder is the same on all platforms and includes the same features and uses the same server. However, cross-network restrictions do apply.

    Can Xbox One users play together with users from other platforms?

    Xbox One users can choose whether they want to enable cross-network play. If they allow it, they can play together with PC, Linux, and Mac users. If they don’t, they can only play with other Xbox One users. Players may choose to change this at any time before entering battle. You can add friends from other platforms, and play in squad with them.

    Are there any restrictions for cross-network play on Xbox One?

    For Xbox One users who don’t enable cross-network play, only Air and Ground Arcade, are available. Currently, Tournaments, Simulator and Squadron Battles are not available for Xbox One. In Custom Battles mode, you can only play with other Xbox One players.

    Is it possible to use an existing War Thunder account when playing the Xbox One version?

    No, Xbox One players will need to create a new War Thunder account. No transfer of progress or purchases from other platforms will carry over to the Xbox One version and vice versa. In addition, currently it’s not possible to link you email to an Xbox One account in order to access the forums or technical support.

    Are there any achievements for Xbox One?

    Yes, of course.

    Is Xbox Live Gold required to play the game?

    Yes, War Thunder requires an active Xbox Live Gold subscription. However, the game itself will be free once the Early Release period ends.

    Can I play War Thunder on the Xbox One using a flightstick, mouse or keyboard?

    You can use any USB-compatible device - just plug them into the system.

    Is War Thunder Xbox One X enhanced?

    Yes, War Thunder is enhanced for Xbox One X with 4K resolution support, as well as enhanced lighting and shadows.

    Will there be Xbox achievements?

    Yes, of course.

    Does Kinect have any integration with War Thunder? Such as voice commands or movement control/tracking?

    No. We do not plan Kinect support.

    Can we play with mouse, keyboard, joystick and other peripherals on Xbox ?

    On Xbox, the game now supports keyboard and mouse. The Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas One joystick is also supported.

    Do you have plans to create Xbox One tournaments on the Arena app?

    We don't have any plans for this at the moment.

    Will we be able to use the Xbox Adaptive Controller with War Thunder?

    Yes, it doesn’t matter if you’ll be using regular or Adaptive controller.

    Will there be additional War Thunder Xbox One content such as Avatar pictures, Themes etc?

    In the update 1.81 "The Valkyries” we have added support for Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas One.


    Where can I submit feedback and/or bugs about the game?

    You can post bugs or issues into designated forum topics, or send feedback and other WT related information on any of our social channels

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