ITO 90M: Airspace is Closed
The ITO 90M is a Franco-Finnish wheeled SAM anti-air vehicle, equipped with the French Crotale NG missile system, which entered service in the early 1990’s. Soon, this highly capable new SPAA unit will join the top rank of the French and Swedish ground forces trees with the arrival of the next major War Thunder update Red Skies!
Location: Red Desert
New location for mixed battles amongst the sandstone cliffs of the great Sahara desert.
Marder A1-: the First IFV of the West
The tracked infantry fighting vehicle Marder A1- will appear in our game at rank V of the German ground vehicle tech tree with the release of the next major update Red Skies.
The MiG-23M and rank VII for aviation
We unveil an expansion to the ranking system in War Thunder for combat aviation to rank VII. One of the first rank VII aircraft in the game will be the Soviet MiG-23M multipurpose jet fighter.
Commander sights for ground vehicles
Take a fresh look at ground battles in War Thunder - through a functional commander sight!
PGZ04A: A much anticipated Chinese SPAA
The PGZ04A is a modernized version of a Chinese SPAAG vehicle originally developed during the late 1980’s as a replacement for towed anti-air batteries. Coming soon to the top ranks of the Chinese ground forces tree, the highly anticipated PGZ04A will await all tankers in the next major War Thunder update!
Sea Vixen FAW.2: Breaking Convention
The Sea Vixen was a British carrier-based jet fighter developed in the early days of the Cold War as a replacement to the outdated piston engined night fighters still in service with the Fleet Air Arm at the time. Soon, the Sea Vixen FAW.2 will join the top ranks of the British aviation tree with the arrival of the next major War Thunder update!
New effects for the nuclear blast!
Devastating beauty of the nuclear blast!
Su-7BMK: From Russia with Love
A Premium version of the outstanding Soviet strike aircraft with cool camouflages!
Top Gun Day: Premium F-5C in Red Menace camo for pre-order!
Special offer for a special day! The greatest premium strike aircraft in the game, the American F-5C Tiger II with the bonus “Aggressors” camouflage, is now open for pre-orders in our digital store!
Squadron Vehicles: HMS Liverpool
The British light cruiser Liverpool will become a new squadron vehicle for War Thunder players!
Battle Pass vehicles: 38.M Toldi IIA
The 38.M Toldi IIA light tank is a representative of European war-time tanks. Hungarian vehicles are rare guests in War Thunder!
Battle Pass vehicles: Voroshilov light cruiser
A legend of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet, the ship that entered the battle during the very first days of the German invasion - Voroshilov light cruiser!
Battle Pass vehicles: M6A2E1
One of the last mastodons from the heavy armour era, the experimental M6A2E1 tank is truly heavy and truly American!
Battle Pass vehicles: P-39Q-25
A premium piston fighter with a large-calibre cannon always comes in handy, especially in the French tech tree!
Hear the tanks of Sweden!
Watch the story about recording the sounds of real Swedish armored vehicles.
Сrafting event: XM8 AGS
The XM8 AGS was an experimental American light tank, developed by the FMC company in the early 1990’s in an effort to replace the Army’s outdated M551 Sheridan tanks. Now the XM8 AGS awaits all players in War Thunder as a top prize for tankers participating in the upcoming crafting event!
Сrafting event: JDS Yūgure (DD-184)
Yūgure was a Fletcher-class destroyer originally operated by the U.S. during WWII and loaned to the Japanese Navy in the late 1950’s. Soon, captains will have the chance to command Yūgure as she becomes available as one of the top prizes in the upcoming crafting event, beginning soon in War Thunder!


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