Yugumo Class Destroyer

Captains, a brand new vessel is being launched from the drydock to join the ranks of the Imperial Japanese Navy - the Yūgumo class destroyer is making its way to the naval battlefields of War Thunder in one of the upcoming test sessions!


13 July 2017

Answers from developers

It's time for another round of Questions and Answers! Click here for more information about the future plans.


13 July 2017

World War: Start of the closed beta!

Squadrons begin their glorious journey in the all-new gaming mode - World War! Closed beta testing launches tomorrow, read more for details.


10 July 2017

Fletcher Class Destroyer

Introduced in the early 1940s and serving well after WW2 with other nations, few ships ever managed to gain such an iconic status during their operational service as the US Fletcher class destroyer.


24 June 2017

Latest Naval Q&A

Not so long ago we talked about how the development of the War Thunder fleet was proceeding. Today we present new developer answers.


12 June 2017

Q&A for “World War” game mode

More information regarding the planned “World War” game mode!


9 June 2017

Closed testing of the new game mode “World War”

Commanders, officers and other Squadron members, attention! In the nearest future we plan to run a closed test for the “World War” mode.


6 June 2017

Answers from developers

It's time for another part of Questions and Answers!


1 June 2017

Fiat G.91R/1: The High-Speed Scout

The G.91R is the reconnaissance version of a light Italian jet-powered attack aircraft that was designed by the standards set by the newly formed NATO in the early 1950s.


24 May 2017

War Thunder on Mac supported by Metal

The version of our game for Apple computers will support Metal in the incoming update, this means that battles are going to look even better!


24 May 2017

Piaggio P.108A: A Sailor’s Worst Nightmare

The “Artigliere” version is a prototype conversion of the P.108 bomber developed in 1943 with the purpose of allowing the aircraft to fulfill anti-ship duties. 


23 May 2017

Update 1.69 "Regia Aeronautica" digest

Regia Aeronautica - one of the most "experienced" Air Forces will soon be represented in War Thunder!


22 May 2017