Update 1.71 "The New E.R.A" digest

Check out what we've got prepared for in the up and coming Update 1.71 "New E.R.A"! New rank 6 vehicles, new and exciting locations, and much more!


8 September 2017

Gunner's view

In update 1.71 New E.R.A. we will introduce a lot of new features and one of them is a long anticipated gunner view for aircraft with one gunner position.


7 September 2017

Type 5 Ho-Ri: Mother of Dragons

The War Thunder team is proud to introduce the Ho-Ri, Japan’s first Rank 4 tank destroyer in the Japanese Ground Forces tree.


6 September 2017

Chieftain Mk.10: Dressing Up for War

Equipped with the Stillbrew armour package, the Chieftain Mk.10 is ready to be deployed as Britain’s first rank VI vehicle in War Thunder’s upcoming update 1.71 “New E.R.A.”!


5 September 2017

T114 BAT: Giant Slayer

Meet the T114 BAT, an American experimental lightly armoured vehicle, armed with a 106mm recoilless gun! War Thunder players will soon be able to evaluate the vehicle’s combat performance themselves in the upcoming 1.71 update!


1 September 2017

Emperor's Garden

Very soon, War Thunder pilots and tankers will be able to pit their vehicles against each other on a new combined battles battleground set in the beautiful Japanese inland - welcome to Emperor’s Garden!


1 September 2017

Beriev Be-6 - “The Arctic Seagull”

The Be-6 is an all-metal, gull-winged flying boat, designed in the post war period in the Soviet Union to perform a wide variety of maritime missions. After having enjoyed a long service life in the real world, this flying gunship is now preparing to take off from the seas and oceans of War Thunder as well!


31 August 2017

Mitsubishi Ki-109: “An Unexpected Threat”

The Mitsubishi Ki-109, nicknamed “Peggy” by allied forces, was a Japanese late war design intended to defend the home islands from high altitude bombing raids, conducted by the USAF.


30 August 2017

Answers from developers!

It's time for another round of Questions and Answers!


30 August 2017

BMP-1 - “Master of Adaptation”

The BMP-1 was the first vehicle of its kind. It was developed by the Soviet Union in the postwar period to fit a new take on existing combat doctrines, modernized for a new age of warfare.


30 August 2017

De Havilland Hornet: Deadly Sting!

Developed in the early 1940s to serve as a long range fighter in the Pacific, the de Havilland Hornet was not only one of Britain’s fastest twin-engine heavy fighter ever built, but was also the last aircraft of its kind in service with the RAF, before new state-of-the-art jet-powered aircraft would take its place.


29 August 2017

BTR-152A (ZTPU-2): Skeet Shooter

The BTR-152A is a six-wheeled armoured personnel carrier designed in the Soviet Union in the early days of the Cold War. The SPAA modification of this APC provided much needed cover for motorized infantry units against low flying aircraft. 


29 August 2017