F-84G Thunderjet: Blazing Rocketeer

From nearly facing project cancellation to becoming the primary strike fighter of the US Air Force in the Korean War, meet the definitive version of one of the first American close support aircraft of its kind that almost never came to be - The F-84G Thunderjet.


11 July 2017

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Macchi C.205N2 Orione - “Rome’s Shooting Star”

The Orione (Orion) was a further development of the C.205V Veltro, intended to be one of Italy’s true next generation fighters and introduced to War Thunder in update 1.69.


4 July 2017

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Fiat G.55 serie 1

Update 1.69 introduced the much-anticipated Italian research tree into the game, and with it a whole roster of new aircraft for pilots to get their hands on! One of the new planes is Fiat’s G.55 Centauro!


29 June 2017

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A22 Churchill Mk I - “First of Its Breed”

The A22 Churchill Mk I arrived to the second rank of the British ground forces tree with War Thunder’s Update 1.69. See you there! 


16 June 2017

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C.202: As Fast As Lightning

In War Thunder update 1.69 Regia Aeronautica, we are proud to present completely updated models of the well-known Macchi C.202 fighter series with a brand new model with cannons!


13 June 2017

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T-50 - Tougher than it looks

In reality, the T-50 was conceived not as a light tank per se, but as a light infantry tank. Designed in 1939 as a successor to the already obsolete T-26 light tank.


6 July 2016

Vehicle Profile
Soviet Hurricane Mk. IIB

There are two Hawker Hurricane MkIIBs in the game - the Tier II British fighter which comes in with a battle rating of 2.0, and its Soviet counterpart, which comes in with a battle rating of 3.0.

8 October 2015

Vehicle Profile

The ZiS-30 is the first Soviet tank destroyer on the Soviet tech tree, and aside from the rather unusual looks, it possess three main major advantages – small dimensions, great speed and maneuverability.

5 October 2015

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The Pe-2 "Peshka" was the most produced Soviet dive bomber of World War II. Liked by it's crews, it proved to be a fast, maneuverable and efficient ground attacker in real life, and is equally efficient in War Thunder.

28 September 2015

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U.S. medium tank M60

The M60 proves to be a versatile and extremely effective force for those that know how to use it. Its high powered gun and high level of maneuverability make up for what it lacks in side and back armour.

22 September 2015

Vehicle Profile
Leopard I

The first post-war German tank in War Thunder, the Leopard I is a very capable medium tank and a serious threat in high rank battles. Let's find out what makes it special!

18 September 2015

Vehicle Profile
Firefly F Mk I

The Fairey Firefly was the Royal Navy's last wartime Carrier-borne two seat fighter designed to serve in the Fleet Air Arm. A true multirole aircraft in every sense of the word, from its early variants the Firefly would go on to even see combat service in the Korean War of the 1950s.

9 September 2015

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