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The Ardennes
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Attention, pilots and tank commanders! We are pleased to present a new location for mixed battles that we have prepared for War Thunder update 1.67: The Ardennes!​

December 1944. The mountain town of Bastogne, which is being held by American troopers, has become a serious obstacle to the advance of Hitler’s troops into Belgium. This ancient town is where all of the main roads through the Ardennes mountains meet. The German army is not stopping – the cost of delaying the assault on Antwerp is too high. However, the besieged Americans are determined to wait for General Patton’s tanks to break through the line and provide reinforcements. “Us surrender? Aw, nuts!”

The Battle of the Bulge became one of the main events of Allied combat operations during World War II. We invite you to the outskirts of Bastogne, the first major stage of the Battle of the Bulge. Here, the fate of the Western Front as a whole will be decided on cobblestone streets and hilly terrain surrounding the town. We have tried to recreate the early winter color palette of the Ardennes and the ancient Belgian town on which the main events of the battle will take place. The hills will allow fire support vehicles and scouts to occupy tactical positions without being noticed, and the tanks assaulting the town will meet in Bastogne and vie for strategically important points. Pilots will have to carefully select directions for their bombing runs and assault strikes along the town’s narrow streets and keep track not only of enemy fighters, but also anti-air guns that could strike from the countless hiding spots in this mountainous location.

The Ardennes will be available for ground vehicle battles and all modes in War Thunder 1.67. See you in Bastogne!

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