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D-3 torpedo boat: Warrior of the North
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The Soviet D-3 torpedo boats were produced at the same time as the G-5 boats, but were capable of completing a far greater range of tasks than their competitors. Meet a new boat in the USSR tech tree!

The small D-3 torpedo boat was designed in Leningrad throughout 1939-1940. In August 1940, an experimental prototype was accepted for testing by the Black Sea Fleet, the boat being deployed in the same year. Although the D-3 differed only slightly from the G-5 in her armament and size, she showed excellent potential in terms of the tasks it could complete. The D-3 stood out from its competitor with her higher maneuverability and range, reliability of parts and of the design as a whole, her improved navigational equipment and the presence of a habitable deck allowed the D-3 to be used as a light and quick landing transport.

The military effectiveness of the D-3 boat is perfectly illustrated by the actions of these vessels in the course of the amazingly successful landing operation by the Soviet Northern Fleet in Liinakhamari and the military action that preceded the winning stroke. The D-3 boats not only effectively fought against Axis convoys, but also played a decisive role in capturing artillery batteries at the fiord of Petsamo, delivering landing parties to enemy fortifications under devastating fire from the shore. This military operation showed the excellent survivability of the D-3 – although her hull was constructed from wood of various types, the torpedo boats could withstand hundreds of penetrating hits and still get her crew out from under enemy fire.

In War Thunder, the D-3 torpedo boat is coming to the lower ranks of the Soviet naval tech tree. She is a small vessel, a little more than 22 meters in length, with a water displacement of 36 tons. Her powertrain consists of three GAM-34 gasoline engines, which provide the boat with a maximum speed of 32 knots (60 km/h).

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The boat is armed with two 533 mm calibre 53-38 torpedoes – the same as equipped on the G-5, but this time launched by being dropped overboard in line with the boat’s direction of movement. The D-3 has a complement of 9 crew members and is equipped with two high-calibre DShK cannons and depth charges.

The D-3 torpedo boat will be one of the first boats available for testing to participants of War Thunder’s naval warfare closed beta test. Raise your anchors and be among the first testers of the War Thunder navy. See you in battle!

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