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We are pleased to present our new tournament service. The tournament service allows both solo players and squadron members to participate in a series of automated tournaments with a wide variety of conditions, vehicle sets and missions. We enter the test period, where only developers can create tournaments, but we plan to make every player able to create a tournament of his or her own. Entering tournaments is very simple: log into the automated tournament site with your game account, select a tournament you would like to enter, assemble your own team or join a team of other players – and you’re all set! At the time specified by the rules of the tournament, you and the other participants will automatically move to the tournament room. The progress of your team and the opposing teams in the tournament can be observed on a tournament table on the site. And just so you know, you can enter several tournaments at once! Let's take a closer look at the site.

Home page. This contains a list of all currently available tournaments. Each tournament card displays its name, icon, format and timeframe. Tournaments marked in red are currently active tournaments, those marked green are tournaments with currently open registration, the grey tournaments are already over.

Enter tournament. When you click the icon of an active tournament, you will have the option to either create your own team or join a team that has already been registered. The choice is yours.

My team. Information about your team members is displayed here. Here you can also leave the team. On this page, the team captain will decide to either accept or exclude soldiers.

About the tournament. This is the tournament's main page which will show complete information about the selected tournament. Here you can find out details on the tournament's format, vehicles available for participation, its missions, and of course, the prizes! You can also find a schedule of the tournament's battles here.

Teams — this page shows a list of teams participating in the tournament and the nicknames of the team captains.

The Regulations tab speaks for itself — it contains a detailed description of the tournament's rules and a link to a thread discussing the tournament's rules.

Tournament brackets. This page not only shows the position of teams in the tournament, but also their rankings and even information on the effectiveness of individual members in each team. You can watch replays of previous battles at any time here.

Rewards — here you can learn how the prize fund is split between the victors.

We have tried to make our tournament site understandable and easy to use. A multitude of exciting contests and fantastic prizes await you. Join us in battle and win some great prizes!

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