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The Yak-30D: A long anticipated top jet fighter in the Yakovlev fighters branch
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Tests in 1948 showed that the Yak-30 successfully combined high speed and excellent horizontal and vertical maneuverability, which allowed it to take on all types of fighters of its time. At the same time, it had an unfortunate wing profile and unsatisfactory aileron compensation. The aircraft did not go into series production, as the MiG-15 and La-15 had already been developed.

At the end of 1948, the Yak-30D was built with an increased fuel and ammunition complement. Aside from the design’s obvious similarities to its predecessor, the aircraft was fundamentally new. The main differences were the newly lightened and hardened wing, increased fuselage length due to the addition of a large-capacity fuel tank, air-brakes, and an altered design for the landing gear and flaps. By the time testing was finished in May 1949, the MiG-15 and La-15 had already entered series production, so the leadership decided that the Yak-30, similar to them in its characteristics, should not be put into production.

Before we begin working on a new aircraft, we spend a huge amount of time studying reference materials – articles about the design, photographs, blueprints and all other available information. In the case of the Yak-30D, it turned out that only three photographs had been made, and there were no blueprints at all – after all, the plane did not enter series production. We had only the schematic drawings of the design, but, although they bore the seal of the Yakovlev design bureau, they were only schematic drawings rather than factory blueprints.

The work was difficult and interesting, and we weren’t able to reconstruct the correct aircraft shape on our first attempt. There were many trials and errors. The design and animation of the fighter’s main landing gear took a particularly long time. But nonetheless, we eventually managed to create a historically accurate Yak-30D, and we are extremely proud of the work we’ve done.

The Yak-30D is a rank 5 jet fighter, placed after the Yak-17 in the research tree. The aircraft’s speed is about 1000 km/h at all altitudes , armed with three NR-23 auto cannons - well known by War Thunder pilots. Despite its not that impressive maneuverability, the fighter may be used in turn-fights, thanks to its air brake. The Yak-30D does great as both a fighter and an interceptor - it is capable of overrunning and destroying almost any target. It’s most useful advantage is that the Yak-30D is a universal fighter that performs equally well at all altitudes. A powerful burst of 23mm cannons shreds even larger bombers to pieces and the ammo load of 225 shells is enough to destroy 5-6 targets without reloading.

The Yak-30D will arrive in War Thunder with the 1.59 update "Flaming Arrows"!

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