Crafting event “Strategist”: Sd.Kfz.251/10

The Sd.Kfz.251/10 was a later variant of the well-known and widely used German WWII halftrack, equipped with a 3.7cm anti-tank cannon for increased firepower. Tankers will have the chance to add this special version of the Sd.Kfz.251 to their in-game arsenal by taking part in the upcoming crafting event “Strategist” in War Thunder!

Crafting Event “Strategist”: Bereznyak-Isayev

The BI was an experimental Soviet rocket-powered aircraft, designed during WWII and envisioned to become a short-range defensive interceptor. Pilots in War Thunder will have the chance to further harness the power of rocket-propelled flight by obtaining the BI as one of the top prizes for participating in the upcoming crafting event “Strategist”!

Shimakaze: Fast as the Wind

Shimakaze was an experimental Japanese destroyer, incorporating an extremely powerful high-performance propulsion system and the heaviest torpedo armament of any WWII destroyer. Soon, this deadly and nimble vessel will become available to eager captains in the game as a brand new squadron vehicle!

Volumetric shells in the "Raining Fire" update

All shells in the game - ground vehicle, aircraft and naval - will now have their own volume. Learn more about damage model improvements brought to you in the recent update.

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  • 3 September 2020
Peacock corvette: Coastal show-off

The Peacock-class, was a class of five corvettes built for the Royal Navy in the mid 1980’s, specifically with the purpose of serving in the Hong Kong region. Soon, British captains in War Thunder will have the opportunity to stand behind the helm of this unique warship arriving with the “Raining Fire!” major update!

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  • 1 September 2020
New P-47 Thunderbolt Variants

The upcoming War Thunder update brings with it a special treat for all pilots and fans of the P-47 Thunderbolt series of aircraft in particular. Namely, as part of the next major update “Raining Fire” coming to War Thunder, we plan on adding a couple of new highly anticipated versions of the legendary Thunderbolt!

New location: Aleutian Islands

We have a new new location for naval battles, "Aleutian Islands"! Soon in War Thunder with update "Raining Fire"

CM25: Armor Reaper

The CM25 is a tank hunter modification of the CM21 - a domestic Taiwanese APC based on the widespread American M113. Coming as part of the upcoming update, the CM25 will soon await all seasoned tank commanders as the new top tank destroyer of the Chinese ground forces tree!

SEPECAT Jaguar: Raining Fire

Coming in hot with the War Thunder: Raining Fire update, the highly anticipated Jaguar will soon be joining the top ranks of the British and French aviation trees!

Chi-Ha Long Gun: The Last Chance Gun

120mm naval guns on the chassis of Japanese Chi-Ha tanks were supposed to hit the landing American troops with direct fire. The mobile coastal artillery was to be the last-chance weapon to save Japan from the Allied invasion.

Zara: Raising the Bar

Striking a near perfect balance of mobility, protection and firepower, the Italian Zara-class heavy cruisers are considered to be among the best ships of their class at the time of their construction. Soon, the lead ship of the class - Zara - will reinforce the top rank of the recently introduced Regia Marina in the upcoming War Thunder major update!

Nanchang Q-5: Phoenix Reborn

The Nanchang Q-5 is a Chinese supersonic jet attacker, developed during the 1960’s on the basis of the Soviet MiG-19 design. Arriving in the game as part of the next major update, the Nanchang Q-5 will expand the Chinese attacker line into the sixth rank and give pilots the chance to fly another unique and versatile top tier aircraft!

New T-72 modifications: here come the top-of-the-line Russians!

The upcoming War Thunder update will see three new modifications of the legendary Russian tank being added to the game – the 1989 T-72B build, the 2011 T-72B3 and the latest 2016 T-72B3 build!

SOMUA SM: Heavy Weight Fighter

The SOMUA SM is a French experimental tank, developed in the immediate postwar years as an alternative to the AMX-50. Despite it being the AMX which ultimately entered service, this won’t stop the SOMUA SM from joining the ranks of the French ground forces tree in the upcoming War Thunder update!

Akebono destroyer escort

Akebono was a destroyer escort built for the then newly formed JMSDF and was among the first warships domestically produced by Japan after World War II. Soon, captains will have the chance to take command of this unique warship arriving in War Thunder naval forces as part of the upcoming major update!

Vehicles of World War: IL-2(M-82) and M60 AMBT

We are happy to present to you the rewards for the World War Season: "Road to the West"!

World War: what’s new in the new season “Road to the West”?

At the beginning of July, a new season of World War mode is coming to War Thunder! We are happy to reveal the details of the improved interface, new game mechanics, and changes to the level of difficulty in the upcoming World War season “Road to the West”!

World War scenario: Battle of the Chinese Farm

We continue preparation for the new World War mode season and provide you with information that can help you in advance to prepare the vehicles used in the battles scheduled to start in July! You already know about the scenario “Battle for the Fulda Gap” and now we would like to talk about a real major tank battle that took place in post WW2 history.


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