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Rank VIII Ground Vehicles and Rank VII Premiums: Introducing the Challenger 2 (OES) & M1A1 HC!
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We’ve got exciting news to share with you — in the next major update, Rank VIII ground vehicles are coming to the game! First up, we’re going to be talking about two upcoming Rank VII premium vehicles: the Challenger 2 (OES) for Golden Eagles and the M1A1 HC as a pre-order pack!

Brand-new ground vehicles of Rank VIII will now be coming to War Thunder, which will be added in the upcoming major update. This now means that you’ll be able to play with the most modern tanks that are currently in service with different armies around the world! The addition of this rank is just the start, as with future major updates, additional modern vehicles will be added over time. We’ll soon be unveiling exciting news about the first tanks of Rank VIII in a series of dev blogs, so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

For now though, let’s take a look at these two brilliant Rank VII premium vehicles. You’re able to pre-order the M1A1 HC pack right now in the Gaijin.net Store, and get the Challenger 2 (OES) with the release of the next major update for Golden Eagles. These vehicles will allow you to become more familiar with top tier tanks, and of course will allow you to research vehicles in their respective research trees faster. Meet two magnificent MBTs — the British Challenger 2 (OES) and the American M1A1 HC!

Pre-order — M1A1 HC “Click-Bait” Pack
Предзаказ - Набор M1A1 HC «Click-Bait
  • M1A1 HC “Click-Bait” (Rank 7, USA)
  • Premium account for 20 days
  • 2500 Golden Eagles
  • Pre-order bonus: “Devil Dog” title
  • Pre-order bonus: unique “Teufel Hunden” decal

M1A1 HC “Click-Bait”

An option for upgrading regular M1A1 Abrams tanks was the Heavy Common (HC) variant, equipped with armor inserts made of depleted uranium. In addition to this, an electro-optical active protection system to act some anti-tank guided missiles with a semi-automatic guidance system is also present. This Abrams displays the text “CLICK-BAIT”, plus victory ring markings on the barrel, which have the names of tanks that this Abrams can face in-game. In addition to this, other equipment is placed on this tank, including a chair on top of the turret.

Without exaggeration, this is one of the best high tier tanks in the game — great mobility, excellent turret protection and very effective ammunition. This tank’s soft-kill APS will be very useful against certain ATGMs too, including some fired from helicopters. A fantastic tank that sets the rules in battles!

Challenger 2 (OES)

The Challenger 2 Operational Entry Standard (OES) has recently been showcasing the latest British tank technology. Just like its predecessor, the Challenger 2 TES, this tank is kitted out for urban combat environments, and is equipped with 3 types of protection: composite armor, slat armor and ERA. Slat armor is added particularly at the back of the Challenger 2 (OES) which helps to protect against shaped-charge ammo, however this does increase the tank’s overall weight.


Armed with a 120 mm rifled cannon that is able to fire a good selection of ammo, the Challenger 2 (OES) is a fantastic premium tank capable of striking a deadly blow to any top tier opponent.

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