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Flanders: A New Ground Location With A New Format!

In the “Kings of Battle” major update, we’ll be introducing a new location for ground battles: Flanders! This location is special — it’ll be the first in the game where the landscape adapts to the era of vehicles that are participating in the battle. Let’s dive into the details!

Meet Flanders!

Flanders is a brand new location for ground battles, which is set in the beautiful landscapes of coastal France on the border with Belgium. Amongst the tulip fields, windmills and against the backdrop of an old town, a wide line of defense is in place, bristled with barbed wire and a complex set of trenches and fortifications. The southern part of the map has many artillery bomb craters — where the southern team begins their offensive. The northern team is located on the outskirts of an urban area, and in the center of the map, an armored train is stuck on the tracks in a destroyed train station.


Flanders adapts to the era of vehicles

The highlight of Flanders is its adaptive environment, which changes depending on the rank of the battle. If you’re using classics of the mid-20th century, horse-drawn carriages are located throughout the streets of the town, and among the trenches lies the wreckage of a fallen airship. In battles with more modern vehicles, you’ll see towns that have turned into cozy tourist centers, and the fallen airship replaced with a crashed modern transport aircraft.


In your matches: Pro-tips when playing on Flanders by Evgeniy Yakovlev, Flanders Map Designer: The best tactic for the southern team would be to occupy the high ground near the railroad tracks. When on the northern team, try to occupy the trenches, and use them to hide from crossfire, engaging the enemy team on the approaches to the capture points. Make sure to move along the main roads to reach capture points as safely as possible, and use the small bridge arches to not risk crossing the railway track in your tank!


Flanders will be part of the map rotation for ground battles with the release of the “Kings of Battle” major update. Share your thoughts about this location itself with its new concept of an adaptive environment, as we’ll be reading your feedback on it. Until then, enjoy your matches and see you soon!

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