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Object 775: The Flattened Pancake

This Soviet experimental missile tank featuring a 125mm gun-launcher is coming to War Thunder as part of the upcoming “Kings of Battle” major update!

Object 775: An Anti-Tank Missile Carrier for the USSR at Rank VI


  • Anti-Tank Guided Missiles!
  • Very low profile (these images are not cropped)!
  • Very slow reverse speed.
  • 2 man crew.
Vehicle History

In the early 1960s, the USSR began to develop a promising medium tank with guided missile weapons. Engineers from the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant presented two prototypes for testing of the Object 775 tank, featuring Rubin anti-tank guided missiles, which are launched from the barrel of the tank. In 1968, the project was closed due to the concentration of efforts on the Object 434 tank project (which became the T-64A). The only surviving Object 775 is on display at the Patriot Park in Kubinka near Moscow.

Meet the Object 775!

With the upcoming “Kings of Battle” major update the Object 775 will be added as a missile-firing capable tank, coming to the USSR’s research tree at Rank VI. This tank certainly has many advantages and some… “short”comings in terms of its appearance, which is both ridiculous and quirky — let’s see what this tank has to offer!

The Object 775 was born as one of the variants of a promising Soviet medium tank that could fire anti-tank guided missiles. Receiving the Rubin anti-tank missile, this tank could fire these directly from the barrel. In the game, these missiles are quite effective, although they are not the be-all and end-all. This ATGM can penetrate up to 500 mm of armor, which is generally enough to defeat almost any tank with regular homogeneous armor. However, the warhead of this missile is not tandem, which therefore means any ERA protection may be difficult to penetrate with this missile.

Download Wallpaper:

Did you know? The Object 775 was the first Soviet tank that was built with the ability to launch ATGMs through the barrel.

If you’re wondering — no, our art team didn’t accidentally crop the images in this dev blog to funny proportions. With that being said, the Object 775 is quite wide and noticeably has a remarkably low profile which does give it an advantage, similarly to Soviet ATGM tanks like the Shturm-S. However, unlike this vehicle the Object 775 has a turret, which is the only place where the crew are located. Coming onto this topic, it’s interesting to note that this tank’s crew is only two people, a commander and a driver. Between them is a drum-type automatic loader for 7 ATGMs, which provides an excellent rate of fire.

The Object 775 is surprisingly well protected for an ATGM carrier. The upper and lower frontal parts of the hull converge at a large angle, and the very flat rounded turret will allow you to ricochet enemy shells. The Object 775’s armor has a combination of hardened steel and composite materials, plus some aluminum. The reverse speed is only a measly 5 km/h, and another disadvantage is the lack of thermals, although the regular old NVD is still on this tank.

In your matches: Pro-tips when using the Object 775 by Tom (Oxy), WT Community Manager (TL): “Normally range is the best spot for these kinds of vehicles, but considering its armour, reload and manoeuvrability it can easily perform well when played as a conventional tank. It’s very capable of baiting shots with the front plate at close range — make sure to keep moving as even weaker guns can get through the optic and cupola, so don’t give them an easy shot!

In the “Kings of Battle” major update, the Object 775 ATGM carrier will arrive at Rank VI in the USSR ground forces tree. Until then, keep an eye on our website for other interesting additions to this update that we’ll be revealing to you soon. Until that though, enjoy your matches!

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