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New Location: Volcano Valley for Aircraft

In the next major update, we’ll be bringing you a cool new aircraft location inspired by the nature in Kamchatka, which is a peninsula located at the very edge of Russia. Today we’ll be taking a look at this new location with some words from one of its designers, Pavel.

Meet Volcano Valley!


Volcano Valley is going to be a new aircraft location that will be added to the map rotation when the next major update is released. This brand-new location has a nice mix of beautiful areas, as it features several erupting volcanoes that are spewing hot lava and smoke, beautiful lakes and rocks, plus small islands and majestic hills.

One of the coolest areas of this location is the volcanic massif, consisting of a group of volcanoes that contrast with a picturesque valley where endless birch forest groves stretch. Passing through the center is the beautiful meandering, fast-moving Kamchatka River that also has nearby crystal clear lakes, as well as swampy pools.


Near the volcanoes is a dead forest, which is a rather atmospheric place. This is due to the result of an eruption that turned part of the area with trees into a scorched forest. A layer of ash covers the soil here, and it’s mixed with burnt out lifeless tree trunks that have remained for several decades.

This corner of pristine nature and volcanic eruptions has now become a battlefield of opposing forces for air superiority. You’ll be able to fly out your aircraft on this new location when the new major update releases!

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