AMX-13 SS.11
How can you make your tank's turret more effective? There's no need to invent a new solution; the French have already done so over 50 years ago, arming their already impressive AMX-13 with the first generation of anti-tank guided missiles. Curious to learn more?

19 February 2018

SO.8000 Narval
The SO.8000 Narval is a french aircraft with German heart and muscles. Unfortunately it appeared too late in reality but in War Thunder it has an opportunity to prove itself.

29 December 2017

One of the more popular ways to make your vehicle cooler - camouflage - has become even more functional for tankers! We have added one very useful layer - a fixed one.

8 November 2017

User-made sighting reticles
There are three thing you can watch forever: fire burning, water falling and.. enemy moving in the crosshair of your sights. Especially if it was designed by you!

6 November 2017

Premium Vehicles | Object 120 “Taran”
One could say that high rank battles in War Thunder are all about ATGMs, composite armour and high speeds. Well, good old conventional armament still has something to say about that. A word of pure might and annihilating power!

2 November 2017

War Thunder Wiki: Type 5 Ho-Ri

The Japanese Type 5 Ho-Ri Prototype recently joined the Japanese Ground Forces tree as a premium vehicle for Rank IV.


13 October 2017

Video Wiki
War Thunder Wiki: World war - Commander's-tools (second part added)

We present to you two videos about the World War mode - the function of the commander.


10 September 2017

Wiki Video
War Thunder Wiki: G.55 Silurante

Today’s hero will be the unique G.55S fighter/torpedo bomber prototype with the designation ‘Silurante’.


26 July 2017

War Thunder Wiki: Wyvern S. Mk.4

In this new video, the Wiki team reveal more about this premium British aircraft. Please meet the Wyvern S. Mk.4.


15 June 2017

War Thunder Wiki: Auxiliary system

In this instruction we will remind you that in the game there are many helpful additional firing systems.


18 May 2017

War Thunder Wiki: Matchmaking

Matchmaking is one of the core components for every battle. It selects the players, balances the teams and creates an even match for everyone based on a number of calculations. Today, we would like to explain and break down the math and science behind how the matchmaker works as well as what factors influence it. 

20 April 2017

War Thunder Wiki: Strv-81

Learn all about this Swedish Stridsvagn in our video and be sure to check out the War Thunder Wiki to expand your knowledge further!


12 April 2017



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