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One of the more popular ways to make your vehicle cooler - camouflage - has become even more functional for tankers, because as of update 1.71 “New E.R.A.” we have added one very useful layer - a fixed one.

Fixed camouflages complement, or completely replace, the standard camouflage, which doesn’t allow for scaling or rotation, and it means that can be used to create not only non-slot decals, but also complex camouflages for ground vehicles that are tied to that vehicle’s construction.

From the familiar M46 "Tiger", showing the ‘wild cat’ camouflage which isn’t just a decal...

...to a new complicated camouflage for the Chieftain Mk.10 which has recently been introduced in update 1.73.

This mechanic will not only extend the capabilities of authors, but will also make each camouflage really unique and suitable for a particular vehicle. Although the creation of such camouflages is more labour-intensive, we will continue to create camouflages for your vehicles and we await to see more of your creations.

Custom Camouflages

You like customisation, so we endeavour to make it more interesting!

The War Thunder Team

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