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War Thunder Wiki: Matchmaking
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Matchmaking is one of the core components for every battle. It selects the players, balances the teams and creates an even match for everyone based on a number of calculations. Today, we would like to explain and break down the math and science behind how the matchmaker works as well as what factors influence it. 

Every mode in War Thunder has its own rules and factors that go into the matchmaking process, in order to create the most balanced, fun and enjoyable games for everyone. Many common factors crossover modes, but more often than not, pilots and tanks are not aware of the differences between Arcade, Realistic and Simulator Matchmaking. Team composition and how your lineup choices could impact the sort of match you find is key tactical information for making the most out of your team composition and most importantly, ensuring you have the best possible chances of a successful game in battle. 

For a detailed overview of the matchmaking process and the science behind it, visit the dedicated War Thunder Wiki article!


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