12 April 2017

War Thunder Wiki: Strv-81

Welcome to the brand new War Thunder Wikipedia Video series! 

Beginning with the Swedish Stridsvagn 81, The Wiki team will be presenting regular video entries for some of the most popular machines of War Thunder for the Community to enjoy. Of course, every machine in game has its own dedicated Wikipedia entry article, however these additional videos provide an overview of the history and development of the vehicles in real life, as well as an overview of their characteristics, features and tips on how to use them best in game. 

In the first entry, the Strv-81 SS11, the Swedish modification of the British Centurion Mk 3 with the French SS11 Anti-Tank Guided Missiles. The first Scandinavian tank in game resides within the British tree and will be familiar to Centurion tank commanders. Good mobility, coupled with a stabilized 20 Pounder for accurate firing on the move as well as 3 turret mounted ATGMs make this machine a formidable beast on the battlefield. Learn all about this Swedish Stridsvagn in our video and be sure to check out the War Thunder Wiki to expand your knowledge further!

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