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Battle Pass: season “Fearless Voltigeur”
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Get ready for the new season of the War Thunder Battle Pass!

Open new stages and get unique combat vehicles, as well as tons of prizes: decals, 3D decorations, profile icons and a unique loading screen and title!

July 28th — October 27th 

Battle Pass season 4

Season awards

Every season there are a new set of awards. See the full list in the Battle Pass tab in the hangar, or check out our wiki. Here are the award vehicles for season 4:

Coupon for E.B.R. (1963)

France, rank  IV, Premium
France, rank IV, Premium

Fast and nimble French reconnaissance armored car with deadly 90mm gun and HEATFS rounds.

Coupon for A6M6c

Japan, rank III, Premium
Japan, rank III, Premium

One of the latest versions of the legendary Zero fighter with increased WEP time and protected fuel tanks.


Germany, rank II, Premium
Germany, rank II, Premium

German half-track infantry fighting vehicle with a punchy 75mm anti-tank gun.

USS Detroit (CL-8)

USA, rank III, Premium
USA, rank III, Premium

Fast Omaha class light cruiser with 152mm main calibre guns and good anti-air battery

Decals "Emblem of the 11th Shock Parachute Regiment", "Emblem of the 3rd Battalion of the 2nd Parachute Chasseur Regiment", "Emblem of the 8th Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment", ""Combat Jungle" emblem of the CEFE training Center, France"

3D decorations for tanks "Infantry helmet M51 of 1957 (France)", "MAT-49"; and ships: "Voltigeurs emblem"


Profile icon "Veteran of the French Legion"

All the rewards and challenges for season 4

What’s new?

Please note that the Battle Pass is completely free to claim if you obtain two Coupon Upgrades from stages of the previous season. They can be exchanged from the purchase menu for the “Fearless Voltigeur” season Battle Pass!

Seasons prolonged

Battle pass seasons are now 2 weeks longer! Now they’re easier to fit into a year - 4 seasons each year! You now also have more time to get your prizes.

Changes to progress points for entering the game

Progress points move you up the stages of the Battle Pass, and one of the easiest ways to obtain them are regular log-ins to the game. Since the seasons are longer now, the number of progress points for entering the game changes too:

Enters to the game Progress points
1-21 1
22-42 2
43-63 3
64-77 4
78-91 5


Changes to Season Challenges

There will be slightly fewer Season Challenges now, 14 instead of 16. 3 Challenges can still be found in the season’s prizes, and there will be 2 fewer regular ones.

As before, you get 1 Challenge at the season’s start, and every week you get a new one. Reward remains the same - 30 progress points in total!

Resetting of the Special battle tasks

Now, when the season is updated a Special battle task will be reset. Please keep that in mind, and try to complete it in time.

About the Battle Pass

Battle Pass is a seasonal event during which you will earn progress points and use them to open new levels. Each opened level brings you a valuable reward, from Silver Lions and boosters to exclusive season prizes: decorations, profile icons and premium vehicles.

Open new stages and get awards at any time during the season.

You can access the “Battle Pass” window through the promo block on the right side of the hangar screen.
You can access the “Battle Pass” window through the promo block on the right side of the hangar screen.

How to participate


  • You get progress points every day for entering the game.
  • From 1 to 5 points.

Complete Battle Tasks!

  • See Battle Task descriptions in the game and get progress points for completing them.
  • From 2 to 5 points.

Complete Season Challenges!

Season Challenges are very similar to Battle Tasks.

  • One Challenge is available at the season’s start. Every week you get another one or two challenges, three more can be unlocked by opening stages.
  • 30 points.

Learn more about Battle Pass

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