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Battle Pass vehicles: USS Detroit (CL-8)

Fast and well-armed, the light cruiser USS Detroit (CL-8) is one of the prizes in the upcoming new season of War Thunder Battle Pass.

USS Detroit (CL-8), light cruiser, USA, rank III. Premium.


  • Most of the main calibre guns are located at the front.
  • Good max speed
  • Punchy AAA battery
  • Premium bonuses


  • Poor protection

USS Detroit (CL-8) became the fourth ship in a series of Omaha-class light cruisers that were built in the early 1920’s. A feature of this series were its good speed performance and powerful armament in the main calibre - 152 mm guns in two double-barreled turrets and four single-barrel casemate mounts.USS Detroit was laid down in November 1920 and launched in 1923, passing sea trials later in the same year. In the pre-war period, she took part in maneuvers and exercises, and carried out diplomatic missions in a number of European countries.

Like many other warships of the United States, WWII began for USS Detroit with an attack at Pearl Harbor, where she narrowly escaped death from an attack by torpedo bombers after which left immediately on a reconnaissance mission to the shores of Oahu in order to detect a possible Japanese landing. From the beginning of the war in 1941, she performed escort missions for convoys between the West Coast of the United States and Pearl Harbor. In November 1942, USS Detroit became the flagship of Task Group 8.6, which provided the safety of the northern convoys in the Aleutian Islands, participated in the liberation of the Attu and Kiska islands. Detroit served in the cold Alaskan waters until 1944, when in the summer she was transferred to Panama as the temporary flagship of the Southeast Pacific Force. The ship met victory over Japan in Tokyo Bay, after where Detroit provided supplies for the occupation fleet and the withdrawal of Japanese garrisons from the Pacific islands. The cruiser returned to her native waters in late autumn and in January 1946 was decommissioned and soon sold for scrap.


In War Thunder, the USS Detroit light cruiser will be one of the prizes for the upcoming new Battle Pass season “Fearless Voltigeur”. This ship is a striking representative of the Omaha class, with all its inherent advantages and disadvantages. Let's look at them in more detail.

When creating USS Detroit (CL-8), as well as other light cruisers of this class, the priority characteristics were the speed and firepower. Detroit's top speed is 35 knots (65 km/h), which is quite good for this class of warships. The main calibre of the light cruiser is 152mm guns located in two twin-gun turrets and in single-gun casemate mountings, 10 barrels in total. Auxiliary calibre in the universal 76mm guns in the amount of 7 in single-barreled mountings. The cruiser is protected from aviation at low altitudes by 10x20mm "Oerlikons" and two quadruple 28mm auto cannons. In addition, Detroit also has two triple-tube torpedo launchers.

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As for the weak sides of the Omaha class, they are also known to enthusiasts of the War Thunder bluewater fleet. First, the ship does not take a hit well. The USS Detroit armored belt in the citadel area is no more than 76 mm thick, while only the engine room and part of the ammo stowages are hidden behind the armor. The superstructure, bridge, gun casemates can only offer protection from bullets and shrapnel. Even destroyers pose a threat; there is even no need to talk about other light cruisers.

It would seem that this is a verdict on the ship's playability? No sir! Omaha-class light cruisers provide interesting gameplay opportunities due to the fact that most of the main battery guns are concentrated at the fore of the ship. If you fire towards the enemy in a strictly frontal projection and at a considerable distance, a large calibre will do its job! At the same time, Detroit is perfectly protected from air attacks - we heartily recommend loading 76mm guns with distance fuse shells for battle at long-range air targets, a battery of 20mm auto cannons will help protect against low-flying strike aircraft. USS Detroit's premium status will allow you to quickly explore US  bluewater ships and earn significantly more Silver Lions in battles.

The American light cruiser USS Detroit is a worthy reward for progressing in the War Thunder Battle Pass and a great opportunity to try yourself as the commander of a really big ship. Very soon we will tell you about all the details of the new season. Do not forget to follow our news on the website and in social networks!

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