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World War: what’s new in the new season “Road to the West”?

At the beginning of July, a new season of World War mode is coming to War Thunder! We’ve already talked about the new scenarios being introduced in it, but there are other awesome additions that are coming as well. We are happy to reveal the details of the improved interface, new game mechanics, and changes to the level of difficulty in the upcoming World War season “Road to the West”!

Any player can join World War battles! Even if you don’t have a required vehicle, you’ll be granted a fully researched vehicle of each class of an army to use.

Realistic difficulty

There won’t be any markers in the upcoming season! Difficulty settings are fully identical to the Tank RB mode, and the same difficulty will be implemented for air battles.

No markers, and instead, new technologies. Modern combat equipment features advanced systems for acquiring and locking on a target. Use them all to gain superiority in battle! Don’t forget to bind keys for the effective features of your vehicle, or use a multifunctional menu.

Improving the interface

When the new season goes live, you will notice that searching and joining battles will have become much easier. We have removed the list of scenarios, and instead you will see only one available scenario - active at that moment, or preparing to launch. We also added keys to join battles on the selected side of a conflict.

These are the first steps towards making the World War interface easy and fun to use both for soldiers and squadron leaders. In the next season, we are going to work on the joining of available battles. Thank you for your feedback and suggestions!

New army type: Helicopters

It’s hover time! Helicopters have become their own separate army in World War mode, getting their own structure, missions, and unique features!

Squadron commanders can send helicopters as reinforcements to ground army battles. Helicopters in ground battles will have helipads where field service can be done.

They can also be used by the commander to quickly move an infantry army to the enemy’s rear, or in any other important direction!

You can find more information about the new army for commanders here:

Helicopters - an independent army that is based on, and can only use, helipads. At any given time during air battles, the operation map can only have up to 2 helicopter armies and up to 4 aircraft armies.

The helicopter army has a unique ability - it can take infantry army units aboard and transport them around the operation map.

The loss of a helicopter army upon which infantry army units had boarded will also lead to the loss of the infantry army’s forces in proportion to the amount of helicopters that were shot down, so be careful!

A helicopter army can be joined to a ground battle and by doing so, the helicopter army will not take the aircraft slot in that battle. Therefore, the aircraft army will also be able to join the battle.

Types of missions that arise where a helicopter army attacks a ground army are identical to those created for assault or bomber aircraft when attacking a ground army.

Xbox and cross-platform multiplayer

World War game mode is now available to Xbox One players! Create your own squadron or join an already existing one to take part in the battles with everyone else now.

To enable cross-platform gaming, you need to go to ”Settings → Account → Privacy and Security → Xbox Live Privacy → Details → Communication” and select “Allow” under the point “You can play with other people outside of Xbox Live”.

In addition, don’t forget that players of all platforms on which War Thunder is available can get into  single game sessions together!

Other changes

  • The requirement for receiving awards for squadron players achieving a prize-placing in World War mode has been increased. You will now need to play no less than 100 battles in operations in your squadron to receive an award. 
  • A surrounded army can no longer destroy enemy aircraft (and helicopters) at an enemy airfield.
  • The sound of artillery fire on the global map has been added.
  • The volume of the victory and defeat sounds in the operation have been reduced. Also, the volume of the victory, defeat and start of the battle sounds on the global map have been reduced.
  • The progress indicator of the ground convoy in respective missions has been improved. Their distance which has already been travelled will now remain on the map and will be shown with a gray line, and the current position of the convoy will be highlighted with a flickering line.

In the upcoming devblogs about World War mode, we will be sharing information about the awards in this season, so don’t miss it!

Read other devblogs about this season of World War mode :

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