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World War scenario: Battle of the Chinese Farm

We continue preparation for the new World War mode season and provide you with information that can help you in advance to prepare the vehicles used in the battles scheduled to start in July! You already know about the scenario “Battle for the Fulda Gap” and now we would like to talk about a real major tank battle that took place in post WW2 history.

World War mode in War Thunder is represented by Seasons that include various scenarios, years of operations, available vehicles and theatres of war. The squadrons and players that take part in battles and Operations will receive (besides the usual battle rewards) special prizes for participation, and the best squadrons and players will receive special valuable prizes after the results of the day and the Season - they are unique for each Season. Learn more on the WT Wiki.

Historical scenario: Battle of the Chinese Farm


On the 6th of October 1973, Israel was attacked by a coalition of Arab States. The unexpected attack had some short-term success, on the third day the Israel Defense Forces knocked the enemy out of the strategically important Golan Heights and moved towards a counteroffensive that pushed the aggressors to the Suez Canal.

Although the debut of modern M60A1 tanks and confident Israeli actions helped to turn the tide of the war, the short front line was a big problem for both sides in the conflict. Battles in the “Doomsday War” were conducted from a minimum distance and with the participation of a large number of soldiers. 

On the 17th of October during the counter-offensive, Israeli forces crossed the Suez Canal and secured themselves on its west bank. Egyptian commanders began a counterattack in the agricultural farm area which the Israelis had marked on their maps as a "Chinese farm" because of the hieroglyphs on purchased Japanese units. In the war which lasted just over two weeks, this was a battle that went down in history as the most massive tank battle since WW2.

Tasks for the sides in the conflict

These conditions are important for squadrons that enter the operation according to the described scenario.

Egypt (Soviet vehicles)

  • Capture 1 sector E4 (west bank of the Suez Canal) within 2 hours.
  • Capture at least 73% of the sectors within 2 hours.
  • Prevent enemy superiority in number in vehicles 2.5 times.

Israel (US vehicles)

  • Hold 1 sector E4 (west bank of the Suez Canal) for 2 hours.
  • Hold at least 28% of the sectors for 2 hours.
  • Gain superiority in numbers in vehicles 2.5 times.

Operation vehicles

The vehicles specified below will participate in the Battle of the Chinese Farm. The final vehicle choice depends on their presence in the army which is entering the battle.

French vehicles of the Israeli army will be available only within this operation, alongside regular US vehicles. French vehicles won’t appear in the US research tree, cannot be purchased, or saved.

Egypt (USSR vehicles)

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  • Medium tank

    • T-54 (1947) ★
    • T-54 (1949)
    • T-54 (1951)
    • T-55A
    • T-62
  • Light tank

    • PT-76B ★
    • BMP-1
  • SPAA

    • ZSU-57-2 ★
    • ZSU-23-4
  • Aircraft

    • MiG-17 ★
    • MiG-19PT
    • MiG-21F-13
    • MiG-21SMT
    • IL-28
    • IL-28Sh
    • Su-7B
  • Helicopter

    • Mi-4AV ★

Israel (US vehicles)

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  • Medium tank

    • M48A1 ★
    • M60
    • M60A1 (AOS)
  • Light tank

    • AMX-13-90 ★
    • M551
  • SPAA

    • M42 «Duster» ★
    • M163
  • Aircraft

    • Super Mystere B2 ★
    • A-4B
    • F-4C Phantom II
    • F-4E Phantom II
  • Helicopter

    • UH-1B ★

★ — group basic vehicle, always selected in the crew slot by default.  

Even if the participants in the battles don’t have the vehicles presented in the army vehicle group, they will get the group basic vehicle, which will be given out with fully researched modifications, but with the level of training of the player’s crew.

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