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Another round of questions and answers, with War Thunder producer Vyacheslav Bulannikov!

Ground vehicles

Q. Will the range finder (laser) work on air targets, OR at least on helicopters?

A. As an installed modification, the laser range finder is working on air targets: on both aircraft and helicopters.

Q. Are there any plans for vehicles like “Object 781”, “Object 782”, “Object 787”?

A. It is too early to talk about it, but the vehicles which, to a certain extent, have any anti-tank or anti-aircraft capabilities, may potentially appear in the game.

Q. Are there any plans to abandon artillery strike warning in RB mode? This would enhance the realistic atmosphere of the game mode.

A. No, there are no such plans. It is also not clear how the artillery, in its present form, is reducing the realism and atmosphere of the game mode.

Q. Is it possible to add a module repair indicator with a separate timer? For example, full repair time is 60 seconds, but there could also be one additional indicator where you can see the engine will be repaired in 10 seconds, in 20 seconds the barrel, etc. If not as a separate tool, then can there at least be some place where it will be possible to see these repair indicators?

A. We will think about this proposal.

Q. Do you plan to recalculate the power of all tanks, depending on the type of transmission, additional modules, etc, which take away some of the power from the engine? For example, Leopard 2 uses a hydrodynamic transmission, which diminishes horsepower by up to 250-300 (this does not take into account the generator, hydraulics and other units) and with the T-64 these losses don’t exceed 50-60 hp, as such, these tanks in some conditions must have almost equal power density on the drive wheel.

A. Such changes have not been considered and are not currently planned.

Q. Is it possible to replace the default tank sight of all tanks with one action, with an immediate effect, rather than changing sights for each separate tank? Doing it for each tank individually could take a really long time.

A. Given the fact that for each tank there may be several sights, and usually the sight is still used for a particular vehicle, we don’t plan on changing the current algorithm.

Q. The helicopters have shown their high effectiveness against ground vehicles. Are there any plans in the nearest feature to effectively counter them?

A. Yes, there are such plans and we are already working on some vehicles and game systems. In addition, ATGM carriers (vehicles with ATGMs) now have good opportunities to fight with helicopters.

Q. We will have Italian ground vehicles in update 1.85. Is it also possible to see the premium self-propelled gun “Elephant”? The 653rd battalion was fighting in Italy and this vehicle would fit perfectly into the tree.

A. The self-propelled gun “Elephant” was in italy as a part of the 653rd heavy tank destroyer fighter battalion of the German forces. It has nothing to do with the armed forces of Italy and did not fight as part of their composition. We do not plan to have the “Elephant” in the Italian research tree.


Q. Are self-guided torpedoes implemented now? If not, how will it look in the future?

A. Yes, you already saw the mechanics in the 1st of April event. This kind weapon can work from any carrier. However, at the moment we are not planning to use it because of the difficulty of countering such weapons - especially for older ships. Perhaps in the future there will be a solution and this weapon will have its place in the game.

Q. Will there be various decorations associated with fleets: avatars, titles, numbers/decals?

A. Yes, there will be. They are already there, but only in small quantities at the moment.

Q. Is it planned to have, in naval battles, a game mode like “Enduring Confrontation” for aircraft, with big locations, long game sessions and random tasks for different ship classes and aircraft?

A. It is too early to talk about this. We have a development plan, and to begin with, we will try to diversify the current game modes in other ways that will require less time to implement. But we won’t exclude that for the fleet - there will be something similar to the “Enduring Confrontation” mode.


Q. Can you please make the BR of players visible before battle when playing in a squad?

A. We are considering this as a possibility.

Q. Are there any plans for the near future to focus more attention on VR mode? There are some shortcomings that players on the .com forum constantly remind others of: for example, the lack of a mouse cursor in the map view of a battle.

A. We are commonly working on fixing bugs in VR-mode, just as we do for other subsystems of the game.

Q. Will there be more detailed information in articles on the official War Thunder Wiki page dedicated to the common, basic game mechanics, like rewards from battles, etc? Previously, there were specific formulas and numbers, and now, it is short and in general terms. This is why many players constantly have questions.

A. Yes. At least vehicle cards on the WIki page will be more informative than in the game. But this can’t happen overnight. We are gradually expanding the Wiki’s content.

The War Thunder Team

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