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Another round of questions and answers, with War Thunder producer Vyacheslav Bulannikov!

Q: Any news on naval warfare? Maybe something interesting regarding the latest testing releases?

A: Right now we’re actively gathering statistics to adjust the economy. There are also going to be a few further developments and corrections of a cosmetic nature. For example, we’re bringing back scope zoom for large ships. All this will likely require 2-3 test sessions. After these technical aspects, we can show the new maps and possibly the new ships. Keep an eye on our announcements.

Q: Can you tell us anything about tank shells, is there a revision planned?

A: Yes, we have plans for that. First of all, for APDSs. Both standard and finned and in particular, their ballistic characteristics and post-penetration effect. Right now (due to a lack of data) these characteristics are calculated based on the overall weight of the shell, which is not entirely correct. We plan to make this calculation based on the weight of the active part, with consideration for whether it’s an arrow or a core. As a result, the ballistics change somewhat (mostly becoming stronger). In addition, ammunition that has checked data will have its own settings created for its action parameters against sloped armor. For example, the Chieftain’s penetration at an angle will slightly increase.

Q: About replays. Will there be an option to rewind during a replay?

A: We might add fixed time points – for example, rewinding by one minute. But as for when (and if) we’ll do this, we don’t yet know, since this option isn’t widely demanded. This isn’t as technically easy to achieve as it might seem.

Q: Will the Maginot Line map be improved? If yes, then how?

A: There will be visual improvements. Right now the map is a little empty – lots of fields, a big town you can easily get lost in. So its appearance will change somewhat. As for low-rank vehicle battles on this map – we’ll see. Either we’ll make a smaller version for lower ranks, or we’ll review the vehicles that can fight on this map. This is to make sure the large distances won’t be a problem for players.

Q: Will there be small maps for high-ranked ground vehicles, like Karelia?

A: Right now we’re trying to provide spacious maps for top ranks – so that high-ranking vehicles can make use of their technical characteristics. But there’s only a small number of those maps, so we can’t rule out adding other maps to the rotation.

Q: Can we expect working radars for SPAAGs?

A: Yes, and it’s possible that they’ll arrive in one of the large updates soon™. There’ll be an optional lead compensation marker that switches on at a certain ranges.

Q: (Question from streamer) We’ve heard about a new mechanic for restocking mechanized ammunition racks. In that if a certain time passes without any firing, the crew will fill up the rack gradually – for example for the drums on French tanks.

A: (* Not quite sure I understand, afraid of getting it wrong =))  Yes, we’ve improved the reloading system for tanks equipped with automated loading, and for tanks with a separate first-stage loading rack. Now if no firing is performed, these ammunition racks can be reloaded automatically with shells from a non-mechanized rack – so you won’t need to fully expend the ammo in the rack to get a full drum again. In addition, in the case of French tanks, this means that now there can be shells of different types in the same drum (previously shells in the drum could only be of the same type, which was far from convenient from a tactical point of view). The time to reload an entire drum will be comparable with the current full reload time, or even a little longer. But at the same time, you can start firing without waiting for the automated loading to fully complete.

Q: When is the World War?

A: We are still working on this, there has  already been some news about it this week.

Q: When can Britain expect high-level premium vehicles?

A: Work on this is already underway.

Q: Will there be a killcam for aircraft?

A: Aircraft don’t need this. A tank is a closed metal box full of modules, and the killcam lets you see what exactly was damaged and/or knocked out of action. Damage on aircraft is always visible.

You can ask your question to the developers on our official forum in the "Questions to the Team" section.

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