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“World War” game mode: We’re inviting volunteers!
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Work on “World War” game mode is still in full swing and we are ready to begin with the final stage of the closed beta test; an array of key innovations are to be introduced.

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Until now, only squadrons have been able to participate in the “World War” game mode. However, as announced earlier, this mode was to become available for solo players, and now, the time has come for players who are not a member of a squadron to have a go!

“World War” will give you the opportunity to take part in battles with vehicles which historically opposed one another, while allowing an increased number of participants at the CBT stage: “20 vs 20”.

At the same time, “World War” mode will also showcase a large number of operations, with each of them producing multiple active battles. Victory in each specific operation will depend on the actions of the squadrons that enter them, but the total number of players that will be able to simultaneously participate in the battles of each operation can exceed 150 players, hence, squadrons alone may not be enough: they will need your help!

To allow for the convenient selection of single-player battles, we have created a list that shows all ongoing battles, plus those in preparation, in the World War game mode.. You will only need to choose your desired nation and battle in the appropriate category, which will then allow you into battle! In cases where you are determined to play a particularly important role in one particular operation, but also seek to follow the progress of your chosen side on a tactical map, you will have the choice to join in on your desired operation and play only in the battles it hosts.

Applications are opening for those seeking to participate in the "World War" game mode CBT! Apply, and we will consider your candidacy for the role of soldier in the "World War" mode!

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