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A Whole New Kuban
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We’ve made serious changes and improvements to the Kuban location, which should be familiar to all tank commanders. So what’s changed?

When we were thinking about improving Kuban, we were aiming to balance out this location and make it suitable for an extremely wide variety of tactics and defenses. Kuban has become flatter (the largest drops from high to low terrain are gone), but we’ve preserved the overall hilly nature of the location with all its cover and opportunities for inconspicuous flanking maneuvers. A path down to a small lake has appeared in one part of the location that amphibious tanks can use to flank the enemy from an unexpected direction. On the opposite side of the location, we have placed an abandoned camp with gloomy, uninhabited barracks and strips of barbed-wire barricades. Here, in a maze of log walls, enemies can encounter each other at point-blank range. Hills traditionally attract fans of position and snap shooting.
We hope that our efforts will give you a fresh perspective on a familiar landscape and make your experience playing in Kuban much more interesting.
The location will become available for ground and combined battles in War Thunder update 1.69: “Regia Aeronautica”!

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