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A-26B-50: The King of Attackers!
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The legendary A-26 Invader, a rare sight in the War Thunder skies and one of the most sought-after aircraft for our players, will be available to everyone in the regular US tech tree. 

Introducing the A-26B-50 modification, the out-and-out game leader for number of high-caliber machine guns: 14 frontal Brownings, plus another four in the turrets! But machine guns aren't enough for the king of attacker aircraft – you can also carry 14 HVARs or almost two tons of bomb load (4 x 1,000 pounds, 6 x 500 pounds, 8 x 250 pounds or 16 x 100 pounds). 

We can't wait for the A-26B-50 Invader to arrive in War Thunder 1.67, coming very soon!

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