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Announced Naval forces compilation!
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Tankers, pilots ...and aspiring Captains of War Thunder.

We are on the final approach to the start of the Naval pre-Beta Test. There will be large amount of unique vessels from different countries at your disposal, some of which we have already presented to you via our Development blogs. So you don't get lost at sea with such an amount, we have prepared a summary of the announced vehicles for you. Enjoy!

The PT-109 is one of the leading heroes of naval warfare in the game. She is already available for pre-order in our online store and guarantees early access to the War Thunder naval warfare alpha test. Click here for more information!
Project 1124 Armored River Boat disposes with a rear-mounted Katyusha multiple rocket launcher. With her interesting history and unique gameplay, this ship is sure to find her fans among War Thunder players.Click here for more information!
The Fairmile C was a motor gun boat of the Fairmile family. Who wouldn’t want to command a ship that took part in Operation Chariot, the raid on the St. Nazaire docks which was the only Axis-held port able to dock the mighty Tirpitz!Click here for more information!

The early-series Fairmile D is a floating gun battery. Her main strength is her automated cannons, whose ammunition almost completely consists of high-explosive fragmentation shells. Her three cannons provide good fire coverage and maximum efficiency when firing at boats' sides. Click here for more information!
In War Thunder, the PT-810 will take a relatively high position in the US navy tech tree. The high rank is explained by the simply overwhelming combat capability for a craft of this class and the absolutely universal applicability of the vessel. Her four powerful torpedoes are suitable for destroying large enemy ships. Click here for more information!
Today's hero is the Type 11 PT-15 torpedo boat, the last of its kind to be deployed by Japan. The PT-15 has good navigability thanks to its effective body lines around the midship frame, which became a characteristic of Japanese post-war vessels. Click here for more information.

The German Schnellboots – fast torpedo boats – became a symbol of Germany’s naval superiority in several seas and, of course, in the English Channel. In War Thunder, the S-100 (1945) is a fast, dangerous vehicle of an almost futuristic design in comparison with its contemporaries. Click here for more information!
The large Project 183 Bolshevik torpedo boat became an essential vessel of this class for the USSR in the postwar years and will be a treat for players that enjoy mobile, aggressive gameplay. The ship accelerates extremely quickly and maintains an excellent speed for her class. Click here for more information!
Development of the G-5 torpedo boat began way back in 1928. This small and nimble vessel was created to combat large enemy ships. Her main role was to approach the enemy ship, fire off two torpedoes and quickly retreat before the enemy’s deck artillery turns you into a pile of duralumin and wood splinters. Click here for more information!

The 77 ft Elco PT-20 Class torpedo boat is an excellent introductory vessel for small fleet warfare in War Thunder. This beautiful and dangerous boat will arrive in the first battles of the War Thunder naval alpha test. Join in! Click here for more information!
By decreasing the weight and dimensions of the design as much as possible, the Japanese were able to mass-produce these little torpedo boats. And so the T-14 Class torpedo boat was born – an entirely wooden design, just 15 meters long, and with a displacement of 14-15 tons. Click here for more informaiton!
The Soviet D-3 torpedo boats were produced at the same time as the G-5 boats, but were capable of completing a far greater range of tasks than their competitors. Meet a new boat in the USSR tech tree! Click here for more informaiton!

The Dark Class MGB is fast and modular platform, equipped with  40mm Bofors and a QF 4.5-inch cannon. Don’t let the modest ship size deceive you, the 113mm cannon can shoot 10 rounds a minute and obliterate his enemies. A strong ship for the British fleet ! Click here for more information!
With T-34-85 turrets and strong armor, a 37mm cannon, four heavy machine-gun and strong armor, the project 186 is going to be a very dangerous ship on the War Thunder's seas. It's not very agile, but you can't have everything! Click here for more information!

The War Thunder Team

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