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The Fairmile C - A greyhound with bite
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With the Closed Beta Test of Naval forces coming soon,
it is only logical to introduce another of the upcoming Royal Navy beauties.

We would like to present to you the Fairmile C motor gun boat - the older brother of Fairmile D,
already presented to you in a past devblog.

The Fairmile C was a motor gun boat of the Fairmile family - designs, that were based on prefabrication of individual components so that they could be produced by smaller factories and then reassembled as a kits in different boatyards. The Type C re-used an improved hull from the Fairmile A Motor Launch - small vessel made of mahogany and plywood, that were initially used for anti-submarine escorts and as a minelayers. 24 type C boats were built in total, some of which have survived until today.

The hull of the Fairmile C was 110 ft (35m) long and 17 ft (5.3m) wide, with a displacement (weight) of 72 tons. It was powered by three supercharged Hall-Scott Defender petrol engines with a maximum of 900 horsepower, granting the ship a maximum speed of 26.5 knots (about 50 km/h). The crew consisted of 16 sailors (14 + 2 officers).

The boat was armed with single 2-pounder (40mm) QF Mark IIc cannon, single 2-pounder Rolls-Royce cannon, two .5 (12.7 mm) twin and two .303 (7.7 mm) twin Vickers machine guns and 2 depth charges Mk. VII.

The Fairmile C will be regular ship in the British Naval tech tree. It’s fairly quick which makes up for its total lack of armour. Use the agility and speed granted by three powerful naval engines to evade enemy fire and strike before they hit you.

Scare your enemy away by releasing a barrage of tracer rounds from the dual Vickers machine guns. Not working? Then there is an additional solution for you - 2-pounder cannons. Can you imagine the destruction when used against enemy plywood boats? And make no mistake, these small mosquitoes can punch through a fair amount of steel.

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Who wouldn’t want to command a ship that took part in Operation Chariot,
the raid on the St. Nazaire docks which was the only Axis-held port able to dock the mighty Tirpitz!

Get ready for this Knight of the Sea - coming soon to War Thunder Naval Closed Beta test.


Naval Forces Closed Beta devblog


The War Thunder Team

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