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- Dirt, improved shells, cockpit camera
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In previous blogs, we have already discussed the introduction of different types of terrain into the game, where tracks or wheels will grip the surface differently, and hence the behavior of any vehicle in combat - its speed and maneuverability, is changed. But for us it is not enough just to implement the mechanics, we are working on the possibility for players to see the changes in the appearance of their vehicles during a battle, depending on how long and which terrain you are moving through! Now dust, dirt and dug up earth will leave marks on the armour and structure of vehicles.

Everything will be like it is in real life - with every kilometer passed the vehicle becomes dirtier. After all, tanks are not afraid of dirt! If you think that your vehicle has become too grubby for your liking - you can wash it away at the nearest open water source. Also, the weather will also play a role in the way your vehicle is becoming dirty.

Ammunition changes

Another change will affect how various types of shells for ground forces will work. The chance to which these shells will cause fire or explosion for various modules will be significantly different between the various types of projectiles. Now the right choice in a variety of situations, and your accuracy will greatly affect the outcome of battles.

For example, a direct hit by an armour piercing shell without explosive filler in it into an ammo rack will have a chance of explosion from 1% to 10%, or to set it alight from 2% to 15%, depending on the shell. Projectiles like HEAT will greatly increase your chances of success - the probability of ammo rack explosion will be 90-95%. Also, solid and composite rigid shells will no longer be able to cause an explosion in a fuel tank after it is hit.

Cockpit camera options

Players who have been with us since the closed beta test and who have played Simulator battles may remember that back then in any of the air maneuvers the pilot's head inside the cockpit was shaking a lot more than it is currently. On that occasion, after numerous requests from the players who were frustrated by the constant and abrupt change in their field of view, we greatly reduced these variations, but you can still see the old camera action while viewing a replay from the game.

However, this head rocking is not only more realistic, but also allows some players to feel the behavior of their aircraft in combat much better and so we will return it to you as an option in the game settings. If you wish, you can pick up the intensity of it with the corresponding slider.

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