14 February 2015

New Feature: Driver Assist Mode

Almost every player, who has fought a battle on the more maneuverable ground vehicles, has faced a situation where it becomes hard to both control your vehicle and conduct aimed fire during the heat of the battle. In reality these two tasks were done by different members of the crew, allowing each to focus on their own job. In War Thunder, though, everything requires the direct control from the player and in many cases this leads to the fact that it is much more difficult for player to complete both of them.

Introducing the new "driver" mode! In this mode, your vehicle will be controlled by the driver, who will steer based on your commands and at the same time will attempt to develop the highest possible speed. Currently, the operation of it will work like this - you can enable this feature at any time by holding the right mouse button, at that point the current position of the cursor will be defined as "neutral", small changes in the mouse position relative to this direction will give orders to the driver to turn the vehicle. In this mode you can continue to travel through the battlefield as well as performing never-ending maneuvers around the enemy vehicles while maintaining aimed fire on them.

Test the new mode in battle and post your observations, suggestions and comments on the forum!

The War Thunder Team

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