11 February 2015

New Ground Vehicle Views

Ground battles occur at very large distances sometimes. On the battlefield, it is important not only to spot enemy movement, but also to be able to warn teammates about impending danger. This is why we are introducing a new view mode for ground forces battles - a view through binoculars!

Since binoculars are separate from the ordinary gun sight mode, it will be particularly useful for the vehicles with slow turret traverse or a fixed superstructure. It will also give you a chance to look around and not have the inconvenience of re-aligning your gun barrel that may have changed position.

In addition we are also working on a new camera mode that players may bind to a separate button - a "driver view." In this position, the player is unable to fire, but the visibility of everything in front of the vehicle will be much better, allowing you to react to obstacles encountered along the way much faster.

Put yourself into the position of a real tank commander or driver! Leave your comments on forum and thank you for your feedback!

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