11 February 2015

Cockpit Lights and D-5 gunpods

In addition to the canopy opening feature we have prepared something else for fans of the flying inside a cockpit. Players may be familiar with the situation where during night battles it could be difficult to navigate using instruments alone because it was way too dark. This is why we are introducing the ability of enabling lighting for the entire cockpit for aircraft that had them in reality.

We will be adding the ability to enable the lights in all available aircraft. The full list of the aircraft with lights will be posted in the update notes.

We also have good news for all our players who like Ju-87 D-5. We are adding two additional variants of pod configuration which will undoubtedly make the aircraft even more deadly than it was before.

The first option - a set of three paired 7.92-mm Mauser MG.81Z machine guns for each pod.

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