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Official Gamescom Video Competition
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Dear players,

War Thunder will be with you at  Europe's biggest game show "Gamescom" in Germany. We want to offer you the opportunity to earn Golden Eagles and your video to be featured on our big screens at "Gamescom".

Rules of the competition are very simple:

The video should be posted on live.warthunder.com section "Video" with obligatory hashtag #gamescom

  1.     Theme of the video is the showcase of the game (both aircraft and ground vehicles).
  2.     Video should be between 2 to 4 minutes in length.
  3.     Video must be in HD quality (1080p).
  4.     You will score additional "points" if custom colorful historical skins from smaller interesting armies are used in parts of the video.
  5.     Please note, Video must be the creators own work and not previously published work that has been previously available for public viewing, and it should be in YouTube or Vimeo format.
  6.     Editing (cutting and gluing) of the video is allowed..

Five best videos will be rewarded with 5000 Golden Eagles each. Videos will be chosen by Community Management team.

You can submit your entries until Tuesday 8th of August.

Happy recording!

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