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ASU-85: Death from the Skies
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The USSR light tank tech tree currently ends with the post-war PT-76. We present the ASU-85, which will take it's rightful place after the PT-76 in the tree and become a top tank at rank IV. What is the ASU-85?
The ASU, or aviadesantnaya samokhodnaya ustanovka (air-landing self-propelled gun), armed with an 85mm cannon, was developed in the post-war Soviet Union as a vehicle for Soviet airborne landing troops. It was intended to be air-dropped and reinforce infantry in offense or defense with its powerful artillery fire directly on the battlefield. This SPG was the logical successor to the ASU-57, and from 1959, it replaced its predecessor in the forces.

Light, small and agile

The ASU-85 is based on the PT-76 amphibious tank already familiar to our players. To reduce its dimensions and increase its compactness, the ASU-85 received no rotating turret. Its powerful cannon was installed directly in the hull. Outwardly, this makes the ASU similar to other classic self-propelled guns, reduces its profile, allows its crew to work in more comfortable conditions and speeds up the cannon reload time. Obviously, the SPG had to be made as light as possible for airborne transportation and landing. Because of this, it was decided in the design phase not to give it thick armour. As a result, its armour is quite light (45 mm maximum at the front), although it is placed at a high angle on the frontal hull.

In the game, the ASU-85 takes the role of a light and mobile support SPG: Although the 85mm cannon has an ammo complement of just 39 rounds, it can fire with improved post-war ammunition. The vehicle’s small dimensions and low profile are its main advantages in laying an ambush. Quickly capturing an enemy point and lying in wait, or simply ambushing the target in one direction and then change position quickly – this is the style that perfectly suits all owners of this SPG. The important thing is to always take the first shot and don’t get shot in return. If you learn to fire accurately and quickly, and then don’t hang around, you’ll get along just fine with the ASU-85.

 This air-landing self-propelled gun will arrive in the game soon™
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