Colbert heavy cruiser: The Contender
Meet the Suffren-class Colbert heavy cruiser! Being one of the first rank IV ships it can be equipped with two scout aircraft, wields good gunnery and has a total of 10 torpedoes!
New location: “Iberian Castle”
Our team is preparing new locations for the upcoming War Thunder update. Meet the "Iberian Castle", new location for mixed battles!
Pr. 56K Braviy destroyer: the Missile Apprentice
Project 56K Braviy destroyer was the first Soviet experimental carrier of the surface-to-air naval missile.
Le Malin: the malign destroyer
The French large destroyer Le Malin of the Le Fantasque class was built to chase and hunt other destroyers.
Grumman F-14B Tomcat: The Bombcat
A new top-tier US naval jet fighter that comes equipped with more powerful engines and new weapons!
BF2C-1 Goshawk: new reserve aircraft of the USA
New reserve aircraft comes to the US tech tree in the upcoming War Thunder update. Meet first photos and details!
BM-31-12: Katyusha’s Little Brother
Soviet multiple-rocket launch system BM-31-12 will become the main prize of the upcoming Victory Day event in War Thunder.
Pre-order: M1 KVT
A visually modified M1 Abrams MBT to represent a Soviet tank in exercises, with premium status and pre-order bonuses!
Battle Pass vehicles: Centurion Mk 2
The main tank prize of the new season is the British Centurion Mk 2 with a cast turret and gun stabiliser. Meet Her Majesty Hussar!
Battle Pass vehicles: J26 David
J26 David is an interned and purchased American P-51B-7 Mustang fighter aircraft in service with the Swedish air forces. Meet the main aviation prize available for every War Thunder player!
Battle Pass vehicles: S-701
Iconic German E-boats of the 701-st series had an additional pair of torpedo tubes to shoot sternwards!
Refinement of the aircraft damage models on the example of Su-25 and А-10А
We received feedback from players about possible problems with damage models of the top attackers Su-25 and A-10A. Now we will tell you about what problems we found and how we solved them.
Repair Factory: QN506
The QN506 is a modern Chinese concept for a fighting vehicle to support tanks. The branded feature of the vehicle is the unmanned turret with automatic cannon and multipurpose missiles of different calibers.
Repair Factory: A-7K Corsair II
A new two-seater Corsair II comes to War Thunder as the main prize in the upcoming Repair Factory event.
Repair Factory: Shcherbakov light cruiser
The Soviet light cruiser Shcherbakov offers a fine balance between high fire-rate of her main guns, good mobility and excellent anti-air defense.
Repair Factory: AMD 35 SA35
The AMD 35 is a French armored car developed by Panhard in the interwar period featuring an advanced design for its time. Soon, an experimental modification of the already familiar AMD 35 will make its way to War Thunder as one of the main prizes of the upcoming spring crafting event!
Radars and Missiles: recent updates
A little more details of a recent update with noticeable improvements in the radar mechanics, the IRST range, and flight parameters of missiles.
Squadron vehicles: Hunter F.58
The Swiss version of the iconic British Hawker Hunter jet fighter, melding air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles. The Hunter, versatile like never before, will be yours for free for squadron activity points!
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