BMP-3 - Helping hand
A top-rank light armored vehicle in the Soviet line, armed with a 100mm gun and a 30mm autocannon!

16 October 2019

Centurion Action X - The Chiefturion
The Centurion Action X is an experimental variant of the Centurion main battle tank, developed during the early 1950s to feature the newly designed ‘mantletless’ turret - soon in War Thunder!

15 October 2019

Ka-50 “Black Shark”
The legendary “Black Shark” will join the premium roster of the USSR/Russian helicopter tech tree.

11 October 2019

Squadron vehicles: Me 262A-1a/U1
We recently added some unique vehicles to the game which players can receive for active participation in random battles (in addition to being available for purchase with Golden Eagles).

16 September 2019

New tone mapping system
We’re pleased to share with you our new tone mapping system which is being implemented in update 1.91 “Night Vision” making the game appear softer and slightly less saturated.

10 September 2019

F-89B and F-89D Scorpion: Jet Bros
The Scorpion was designed to fight Soviet bombers back before the Cold War was even a thing. It carries a massive number of rockets for its time and was the world’s first aircraft to carry air-to-air nuclear rockets. Get ready for two different versions of the F-89 Scorpion jet!

9 September 2019

New soundscape tools in War Thunder
You probably already know that from the end of last year we have been working hard on the transition of War Thunder to the new Fmod Studio sound engine.

9 September 2019

CM11: When Old Meets New
The CM11 is a mid 1980s main battle tank, developed as a hybrid design from already available individual components of existing US tanks and will soon await all seasoned tank commanders at the top ranks of the brand new Chinese research tree!

6 September 2019

Chapayev: The Commander at Sea
Soon Soviet captains in War Thunder will have the chance to take command of Chapayev - the lead ship of the Project 68K class - after its arrival to the game with the upcoming update 1.91 “Night Vision”!

5 September 2019

HMS Arethusa: Mistress of the Seas
HMS Arethusa is the lead ship of her class of four light cruisers, built for the Royal Navy between 1933 - 1937 and now herself will come to War Thunder as part of the upcoming update 1.91 “Night Vision” to join the ranks of the Royal Navy once more!

4 September 2019

Type 75: The Pulverizer
Still serving as one of Japan’s primary mobile artillery units to this day, the Type 75 SPH will soon become available to all Japanese tankers, coming soon to War Thunder as part of the upcoming update 1.91 "Night Vision"!

4 September 2019

Chengdu J-7II: Domestic Technologies
The Chengdu J-7 is the Chinese reverse-engineered counterpart to the Soviet MiG-21F-13. In upcoming update 1.91, pilots in War Thunder will have the chance to fly the later J-7II version - the crowning jewel of the brand new Chinese aviation tree also coming as part of the next update!

3 September 2019



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