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In this digest we would like to tell you about our continuing work on improvements and fixes in the game. You can find information about all updates that have been released in War Thunder in the website special section.

Fixing Passability

We recently published a YouTube Short dedicated to secrets of vehicle passability on different surfaces. You’ve noticed in the comments that in some cases vehicles don’t behave according to the types of surface under their wheels. And you were right! Earlier we had already discovered errors in properties of some surface types, and so we tried to release the fixes as fast as possible.

Now solid and dry surfaces, such as most types of ground and meadows on the maps, will allow vehicles to reach higher maximum speeds, while unsteady surfaces like snow or sand will become less friendly to wheels and to a lesser degree — for tracks.

Some of these fixes require an update in the maps, which is planned to roll out as a part of one of the next major updates.

We’d like to thank all commenters — you’ve made War Thunder better!

Improving Boosters

We’ve carefully inspected your reports about boosters not giving out expected bonuses, and corrected the way they work so that such issues won’t rise again. For example, Air SB or Helicopter PvE boosters didn’t give out bonuses in the final time interval.

Now rewards for helpful actions will be boosted by all boosters active in the past, and not only those active in the moment that the rewards are calculated. For boosters that ended their effect before the rewards for helpful actions were given out, the bonus will be calculated based on how much time in this interval they were active.

For example, if the player activated a booster for +500% for 30 minutes and spawned 1 minute after entering a session with 10 minute intervals, then the first two intervals he’ll receive +500% bonus, while for the third one (21-31 minutes since entering) the bonus will be +450% because the booster was active for 9 out of 10 minutes.

We also reworked single use boosters in all modes: now rewards for game time and activity time are boosted by all boosters in the session, and not only those active at the moment rewards are calculated. For boosters with a shorter duration than the player’s session, the effect is also calculated based on how much time in the session they were active.

For example, if a +500% booster for 30 minutes was activated in a session that lasted for 35 minutes, then the rewards for the session will be boosted by 429%. The session time is counted between the player entering the session (not spawning) and the death of the final vehicle or the end of the mission.

All Shots Are Equal!

We reworked the rewards system a bit to favour players. Earlier damaging the outer elements of a ground vehicle, such as optics, barrels, mounted or external armour, was considered an effective action, even though no real harm was done to the enemy. And they were rewarded, while hits with no armour penetration weren’t. That could’ve seemed unfair, so we’ve expanded the list of rewarded actions: now it includes all hits, even those that don’t penetrate, from all guns whose rate of fire is less than 1 shot per second.

Admire the Prizes

Some achievements grant you valuable prizes, such as decals, decorations, camouflages, and even vehicles. Now you can check out how your rewards look, right from the Achievements menu. That includes the Summer Extreme event that’s all the rage right now! It’s nice to see what you’re working towards, isn’t it?

Search and Destroy

We recently detailed the problem with bots in War Thunder and how we deal with it. Your reports remain a key element in finding the accounts that break the rules — and, to make it easier for you, we’ve added a special category to the report window. Now you can choose the “Using bots” category for your report to tell us about suspicious accounts.

You can also do that on our website in the replay section. Use it well — and help us make your gameplay more enjoyable!

That’s Not All

You’ll find the full list of improvements in a separate update note — there are lots of interesting things! Third person camera no longer jiggles after watching a replay, the “Attach Rope” message doesn’t get in the way of towing, and in the battle results window there’s now a button that takes you right to the replay.

Once again, many thanks for all your bug reports that you submitted using our special service.

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