27 May 2015 Update 27.05.2015 (

Incorrect display of rewards in after battle statistics for users without premium account has been fixed; Display of incorrect results in tournament battles has been fixed; Errors leading to render flashes when firing machine guns in sniper mode have been rectified...

25 May 2015 Update 25.05.2015 (Server Update)

Changes for A.I. in custom battles, the display mode for vehicles in arbitrator mode, fixes for the display of sunlight, and errors in the battlelog...

21 May 2015 Update 21.05.2015 (

  • PS4: Bug and crash fixes; PS4: Fixed head tracking settings for the PlayStation® Camera; Graphical errors on listed aircraft have been fixed: G4M1, Lancaster Mk.I, Lancaster MK.III, Me.262A-1a...

16 May 2015 Update 16.05.2015 (1.70.1945.123)

Interface bug while using Open GL render fixed; Сollimator sight bug fixed.

15 May 2015 Update 15.05.2015 (1.70.1945.121)

Fixed a bug with the timer after battle, where it would show in the wrong position; CDK: added the ability to check aircraft in custom user missions.

12 May 2015 Update 12.05.2015 (1.70.1945.110)

Several client crashes have been fixed.

8 May 2015 Update 08.05.2015 (Server Update)

Damage inflicted directly to crew members by kinetic-energy projectiles increased; Turret rotation speed of T34 series tanks is set at 25 degrees per sec. According to “T-34 Guideline” p. 23; Damage effect of 75-85mm armour piercing rounds is fixed according to the amount of explosives they have; Ki-21-1 - The RPM the engine runs at when taking-off has been changed. Now, it set to 2400 RPM. Maximum speed is achieved through WEP (throttle at 100%).

7 May 2015 Update 07.05.2015 (1.70.1945.87)

Several client crashes have been fixed.

7 May 2015 Update 07.05.2015 (Server Update)

The maximum fire rate of the M7 gun (M10 GMC) has been decreased from 12 to 9.6 shots per minute; The maximum fire rate of the M1 gun (M18 GMC) has been decreased from 12 to 9.6 shots per minute...

6 May 2015 Update 06.05.2015 (1.70.1945.65)

Friendly fire against allies has been disabled in ground forces Arcade Battles. Aiming at an ally will result in your crosshairs turning blue, which will disable your vehicle’s armament whilst it is aimed at your ally. Shell ricochet can still damage cause damage to allies...

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