27 February 2015 Update 27.02.2015 (

Several errors in commander view (binoculars) fixed, option to invert vertical view axis added; Fixed several errors in render on AMD graphic cards in DX9 and OpenGL; Several fixes for “Referee mode” in custom battles; Incendiary effect of all APCR ammo increased...

25 February 2015 Update 25.02.2015 (

Scope sight for aircraft being not transparent on minimal graphics setting fixed.; “Shaking” of aircraft when spawning on a carrier fixed; Spectator view after “death” fixed. Dust/mud/earth colour on vehicles changed.

24 February 2015 Update 1.47

Gaijin Entertainment wish to announces major update 1.47 "Big Guns" for War Thunder. With this update we will finish Closed Beta Tests for "Steel Generals", which means that all of US ground vehicles are now available for research!

19 February 2015 Improving queue times in Aircraft Realistic Battles

Many players in aircraft “Realistic Battles” are waiting for extended periods to get into a session because of the lack of players for required vehicles in the queue. To significantly reduce the waiting time and improve the balance in these sessions, we are introducing the chance of being put into sessions with mixed nations.

19 February 2015 Update 24.12.2014 (BR-Update)

The Battle Ratings (BRs) for several vehicles have been updated.

19 February 2015 Update 13.02.2015 (BR-Update)

The Battle Ratings (BRs) for several vehicles have been updated.

19 February 2015 Update 18.02.2015 (

Christmas tree removed.

19 February 2015 Update 04.02.2015 (

Better UI for the vehicle presets selection; Descriptions for achievements has been fixed; More detailed information about ricochets for APCR shells; One-Second burst mass information has been fixed; Several client crashes were fixed; ​Fixed a crash in replay function...

19 February 2015 Update 29.01.2015 (Server Update)

Respwans on White Rock Fortress have been fixed.

19 February 2015 Update 26.01.2015 (

Visuals of the shells in Kill and Hit camera will now appear more realistic; Fixed error in “Hit Camera” which led to all crew members appearing as “unconscious”; Fixed errors with wrongly displayed shell impact visuals  on ground vehicles; Fixed error with wrong ammunition display in ground vehicles...

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