25 May 2016 Update 25.05.2016 (

Client stability has been improved.

20 May 2016 Update 20.05.2016 (

Bug, where it was impossible to replace installed decal or 3D decoration, has been fixed.; Rare bug, where in some cases the target marker of a bomber sight could change position during a battle, has been fixed.; Client stability has been improved.


18 May 2016 Update 18.05.2016 (Server Update)

The number of ammo rounds in certain armoured vehicle belts has been changed. Belt prices have been corrected accordingly.(Previously, the number of reloads in a battle could be different than the number of actually spent belts.); Mission score gained in RB battles (both air and combined) whilst flying aircraft has been increased by 60%


17 May 2016 Update 17.05.2016 (

A bug, whereby the earth was visible in the sniper scope view while flying through clouds, has been fixed; A bug which would occur while switching to gunner mode, where the camera direction would remain in the direction of flight, has been fixed...

13 May 2016 Update 13.05.2016 (Server Update)

Game modes for the ground vehicle location “Mozdok” has been changed. The ability to preview how 3D decorations looks on the vehicle before buying has been added.

12 May 2016 Update 12.05.2016 (

New leaderboards have been introduced; Bug where the cannon of a ground vehicle moves up when colliding with objects has been fixed; Bug, where incorrect values of achieved damage for points/airfields in TNT equivalent was shown on game score card has been fixed...

11 May 2016 Update 11.05.2016 (Server Update)

LMS Feature disabled in RB and SB modes.

10 May 2016 Update 10.05.2016 (Server Update)

Efficiency of HE shells against lightly armoured or unarmoured units has been increased; Penetration mechanics for AP and APCR rounds have been fixed. Previously this ammo could penetrate armour without taking slope effect into consideration...

6 May 2016 Update 06.05.2016 (

Support for Oculus Rift CV1 (Windows, DX11) has been added.  PS4: improved sky and clouds render. PS4: Fixed POV on Saitek Pro Flight X-55. New vehicles KV-2 mod. 1940 - will be added to the game a few hours after the update release Richard Bong’s P-38J - will be added to the game a few hours after the update release Interface Indication for water and oil aircraft engine leak have been added Misc Client stability improved

29 April 2016 Update 29.04.2016 (

A rare bug that caused FPS to drop when aircraft gunners were attempting to shoot out of the fire range has been fixed.
Client stability has been improved.


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