29 April 2016 Update 29.04.2016 (

A rare bug that caused FPS to drop when aircraft gunners were attempting to shoot out of the fire range has been fixed.
Client stability has been improved.


27 April 2016 Update 27.04.2016 (

Bug, where in “zero visibility” and “Evening” time of the day landscapes, the settings of the graphics for “compatibility with older video cards” was incorrectly lighted has been fixed; Bug, where decals on some vehicles wouldn’t be applied using the option “display on both sides” has been fixed; Issue in which there is some flickering in the clouds for settings when for “compatibility with older video cards” selection has been fixed.

26 April 2016 Update 26.04.2016 (Server Update)

Changed the location of test flight for the Sunderland Mk.IIIa to Britain. Fixed display of external pylons for the Pe-8 for the 1x5000 kg bomb load. Separated controls for large-calibre and small-bore machine guns on the F3F-2. Refined firing arcs on turrets on the Me.410 - removed the blind zone behind central point. MBR-2 changed to "premium" in research tree.

25 April 2016 Update 25.04.2016 (

Bug, where flying through a rain cloud in aircraft shows incorrectly drawn water droplets on the cockpit has been fixed. Rare bug, where after helping to repair an allied ground vehicle, the opportunity to repair a player’s own vehicle is not available has been fixed. Client stability has been improved.

21 April 2016 Update 21.04.2016 (Server Update)

Bomb fuse delay has been reduced in air RB and air SB from 5 seconds to 1.5 seconds.

20 April 2016 Update 20.04.2016 (

Fixed flickering clouds in water reflections; A problem, where the sound of large calibre course weaponry on aircraft has run out of ammunition when pressing the trigger, wasn’t being played, has been fixed; Bug, where on a restart of the client the options for “Enable view axes” wasn’t saved has been fixed.

20 April 2016 Update 20.04.2016 (

Rare bug, where acquiring Steam achievements was not counted in the Steam profile has been fixed. Users who have this bug, will get missed achievements on the next login to the game; Client stability has been improved.

18 April 2016 Update 18.04.2016 (Server Update)

Improved respawn mechanics. When changing aircraft or weapons after landing on an allied airfield, respawn points and team respawn limits will remain the same.

15 April 2016 Update 15.04.2016 (

New trophy with “foliage pattern” decorations has been added to the War bonds shop

14 April 2016 Update 14.04.2016 (Server Update)

Excessively slow neutral steering of the Churchill Mk.III has been fixed; A13 Mk.II armour thickness data in the info card of the vehicle has been corrected. Previously it was shown as 28mm now it is corrected at 14mm. (...)

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