29 June 2016 Update 29.06.2016 (

The spawn altitude for bombers has been changed (now it is 4,500 for strategic bombers and 3,500 for all other bombers); Airfield durability in all air AB and RB missions has been increased - a slight increase for low rank battles and a significant increase for high rank battles; Changes in Flight Models; Vehicles characteristics and DM updates

24 June 2016 Update 24.06.2016 (Server Update)

“Camouflage” decorations (all 6 pieces in the category) have been removed from sale; New “Camouflage” decorations (Bunch of Branches (birch)" and "Bunch of dry Bushes") have been added.

23 June 2016 Update 22.06.2016 (

The rendering of shadows on trees and bushes has been improved; A bug that caused the incorrect display of RP in the statistics after battle, has been fixed; A rare bug, whereby second-generation ATGMs would fire rounds from above the middle of the crosshair, has been fixed.

20 June 2016 Update 20.06.2016 (

In the “Economy” tab, you can now see information about purchases for Golden Eagles; Wyvern - A bug, whereby the engine could not be repaired if the propellor was damaged, has been fixed; A bug, where if a tank was lit on fire by one player, and then the engine was critically damaged by a second player, the second player would score the kill, has been fixed.

18 June 2016 Update 18.06.2016 (Server Update)

The 4 bomber limit for RB has been fixed and is working as intended. This fix also takes into account Join In Progress players so they don't violate the limit.

17 June 2016 Update 17.06.2016 (Server Update)

Additional achievements for British ground forces have been added; The requirements for being awarded some achievements (for aircraft and for ground forces, for example - decals) have been reworked.

14 June 2016 Update 14.06.2016 (Server Update)

Changes in economy and player development, damage model and flight models.

14 June 2016 Update 14.06.2016 (

A bug, which caused the game to crash when starting the client using Linux with Intel drivers, has been fixed; Client stability has been improved.

13 June 2016 Update 13.06.2016 (Server Update)

Number of bombers per team in RB is limited: 4 bombers maximum.

11 June 2016 Update 11.06.2016 (Server Update)

The Battle Rating of the Tu-4 has been increased in all modes to 7.0; The Battle Rating of the ASU-57 has been decreased in Realistic Battles to 4.3.

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