Black Friday 2015 Bundle

Save 50% on five packs with the Black Friday 2015 Bundle!

Community Corner: Tanking with a Steering Wheel

What happens if you combine a heavy tank in War Thunder with a "Heavy Equipment Controller" aka steering wheel, a joystick, TrackIR and then put a former U.S. Marine behind it? Well, you're about to find out today!

30 November 2015

Rocket Science!

It's rocket time! Participate in our special to get the chance of driving one of the new rocket tanks introduced in Update 1.53 Firestorm - besides winning plenty of other ingame items!

28 November 2015

50% off with Black Friday Bundle 2015

For the Black Friday sale this year, we have prepared new functionality in our Store – bundles. Upon purchasing the bundle, you will get all 5 vehicle packs that are included in it, with a whopping 50% discount.

27 November 2015

Air Duels: P-38 vs. Me 410

Hornet or Lightning? This is the question to concern us this weekend in War Thunder! Take part in epic aerial duels and prove the worth of your nation's heavy fighter!

27 November 2015

Top 10 RB Fighters

It can take quite a while to get to know the aircraft that fits to your playstyle in Realistic mode best. With this video, we'll present to you five choices that will surely serve you well!

26 November 2015

The Blenheim Mk.IV, a reliable British classic

The first bomber in the UK tree with a BR of 2.0 is a solid performer, sure to be fun and profitable. Besides that, it also features an amazing history!

26 November 2015

Aircraft Damage

Getting shot at isn't pleasant - especially not when piloting an aircraft! In our recent video, we'll show you what the consequences to damage to certain components of your aircraft are.

25 November 2015

WT.Live Digest

It's been almost a month since Update 1.53 'Firestorm' was released, and the Community over at War Thunder Live has been amazingly productive since. Check out these cool user-made skins, maps and more!

24 November 2015

War Thunder EPIC PLAYS #25

Pilots and Tankers! We continue the video series under the project: “This Is War Thunder - Top 5 Epic Plays”

23 November 2015

"100" - Team Deathmatch Event

The game mode "Team Deathmatch 100" is back and available in 'Events & Tournaments', labelled 100. This Arcade experience will turn any War Thunder location into a fierce battlefield, as in this Team Deathmatch with unlimited respawns only one thing matters: Scoring kills

23 November 2015

U.S. Light Tanks and Tank Destroyers

Ever wondered how to use those light vehicles of the USA properly? Those German medium tanks sometimes drive you crazy? Then this video tutorial is for you, soldier!

21 November 2015

Tank Duels: T-34-76 vs Pz.Kpfw. IV

Both the T-34 and Pz.Kpfw. IV were impressive fighting vehicles of their respective nation. This weekend, they will clash in epic duels in the winter battle of Stalingrad! Read our guide below to prepare yourself for battle!

20 November 2015

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