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"Formula War Thunder”: The Second Stage 21 November 2014

From 21st to 24th November we will continue the "Formula War Thunder” competition. As in the first stage, the coming races will be judged by the best lap time.

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[News] Linux Client for War Thunder in Steam 21 November 2014

You can now Download the War Thunder Linux client via Steam. You will need a Steam account of course but here are the system requirements for running it in Native Linux

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[News] Upcoming US armoured vehicles 20 November 2014

In the near future, we will be introducing the starting line-up from our latest branch of ground forces. "Steel Generals" will bring many US machines into War Thunder.

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[Ace Profile] Oberst Josef 'Pips' Priller 20 November 2014

Josef Priller was a German fighter ace of World War II and later commander of the JG 26 fighter squadron. In 1307 combat missions he claimed a total of 101 aerial victories.

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[Historical] Battle of Brody 19 November 2014

The towns of Dubno, Lutsk, and Brody formed a triangle of the 4th,8th,9th,15th,19th, and 22nd Mechanized Corps of the Soviet Army commanded by Mikhail Petrovich Kirponos in the Ukraine was the most intense tank battle prior to Kursk.

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[Event] Operation Uranus 19 November 2014

‘Operation Uranus’ was a Soviet counter-offensive against the German attack on the city of Stalingrad. It led to the defeat of the German 6th Army and the capture of over 300.000 Axis soldiers.

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[Air Forces] Polish Air Forces 18 November 2014

The history of the Polish Air Force begins of the 11th of November 1918, when the country finally regained its independence after nearly 123 years of partitions.

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Facebook screenshot contest winners 17 November 2014

Dear players we are happy to announce the winners of the facebook screenshot competition.

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Results of the first stage of Formula War Thunder! 17 November 2014

With the results of the each stage the 100 best pilots will receive the “Top Racer” title. The top three pilots from each stage will receive 3000, 2000 and 1000 Golden eagles respectively.In addition, the top three pilots will compete for super-prizes with the results of all four stages of Formula War Thunder!

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[Vehicle Profile] The F6F 'Hellcat' 17 November 2014

In June 1942 the Grumman 'Iron Works' released the prototype of what would later become the F6F 'Hellcat'. As a sturdy and fast weapons platform, the new American fighter was a good match to the combat-hardened Japanese A6M Zero, which dominated the skies over the Pacific Theater up until now.

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