The Battle of Kursk

Pilots and Tankers! This weekend, take part in our "Battle of Kursk" event based on the historical battle from July 1943!

3 July 2015

Panfilov's 28 Men - Recent Developments: The Robot Arm

We have a new video about our movie "Panfilov's 28 Men". It's video making techniques. Andrei Shalopa takes the mystery out of a robot arm that is used during the shooting.

3 July 2015

Royal Danish Airforce

Todays article of the 'Air Forces' series investigates the origins and history of the Royal Danish Air Force and the airmen in its service.

2 July 2015

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War Thunder Video Tutorials - Part 10: Single Player

In the tenth video of our War Thunder Video Tutorials, we will explain how to play the historical campaigns and custom battle game modes in single player.

1 July 2015

Captain Alexandru Şerbănescu

Born on May 17th 1912 in Coloneşti, Olt county in eastern Romania, Alexandru Şerbănescu was the third of six children. His father, Alexandru, worked as a notary.

1 July 2015

War Thunder Skin, Screenshot and Video Competition - June winners

We present to you the monthly winners of our current War Thunder Skin Competition, Youtube Competition & Screenshot competition. Enjoy!

1 July 2015

War Thunder 1.51 - Cold Steel

With 'Cold Steel' a plethora of changes have been added, improving many game mechanics and vehicle behaviors besides adding new vehicles, maps and much more!

30 June 2015

War Thunder EPIC PLAYS #21

The 21st episode of Top 5 Epic Plays is here! Enjoy War Thunder players' precise shots and brilliant manuevers!

29 June 2015

War Thunder Skin and Screenshot competition June week 4 winners

We present to you the winners of our current War Thunder's Screenshot & skin Competition.

28 June 2015

Blue on Blue

This weekend, join our 'Blue on Blue' Arcade event, in which US light vehicles fight each other in a friendly, but action-packed exercise!

26 June 2015

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