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La-174 and Spitfire Mk.IX - don't miss them! 19 April 2014

The exclusive La-174 (USSR) and Spitfire Mk.IX (USSR, premium) fighters introduced in the 1.39 update will be available for purchase for 6 days only!


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[DEVBLOG] Squadron Battles 19 April 2014

Squadron events - is a special mode, where only squadrons are permitted to fight. They take place in 8 vs 8 battle format in three different game modes. This article will introduce this mode to you, as well as give you an insight into its future development.

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Happy Easter! 18 April 2014

We would like to convey our best wishes to you all and hope you enjoy a peaceful and happy time over the weekend. Happy Easter!


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Mac client launch! 17 April 2014

We are pleased to announce that the War Thunder client for the Mac OS X is now officially supported. There are tens of millions Mac users in the world and we are very excited to welcome them on our War Thunder game servers.

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LIVE.WARTHUNDER.COM launch! 17 April 2014

We are happy to announce our LIVE.WARTHUNDER.COM launch! Using this portal you can exchange pics, videos, quotes as well as camouflages, cockpits, missions, locations and aircraft created with the War Thunder CDK.

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War Thunder Wiki Launch 16 April 2014

Today we are launching the War Thunder Wiki - the basic platform for players’ and developers’ common effort to create articles about basic game systems, instructions to create user generated content and of course detailed descriptions of air and ground vehicles.

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The War Thunder CDK 16 April 2014

The War Thunder CDK (Content Development Kit) is a set of tools that allow you to create content of your own! It is the same program our War Thunder developers use, and now it’s available for all the players! It’s a perfect opportunity to display your creativity!

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Update 1.39 released 15 April 2014

War Thunder Update 1.39 has arrived! So what are you waiting for? Update the game and rush into battle!

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[Special] The uninterceptable interceptor 13 April 2014

War Thunder team commemorates the deeds of Soviet ace Vasili Matsievich and announces the introduction of the Spitfire Mk.IX (USSR) premium fighter that will be available for a limited timeafter the Update 1.39 release.

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First man in space: Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin 11 April 2014

Yuri Gagarin was a childhood hero for many, he represented the excitement and the adventure for many people around the world at the leading edge of the race into space, the stuff of dreams, he represented all that was good in the human makeup, the need for knowledge, excitement, exploration, he made the spirit of “Where no man has gone before” so relevant and so true before the phrase was used by Gene Roddenberry in Star Trek in 1966.

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