Heavy Tank T34: Commanding Respect

The Heavy Tank T34 is another tank with the designation 34, but now this title conceals not a nimble Soviet medium tank, but a real American “heavyweight.” 


24 February 2017

Naval pre-beta testing schedule

The participants of closed pre-beta will be able to test German torpedo boat Typ-Klasse 140 Jaguar and 3 other ships, on "Scandinavia" and "African Gulf"!


24 February 2017

Thunder Show: Too much, too little

Welcome to Thunder Show, a weekly project of which you can be a part of! New episodes every Friday!


24 February 2017

A-26B-51: The King of Attackers!

The A-26 Invader is now available, 14 Brownings, two turrets, rockets and bombs!


24 February 2017

Best Tournament players - February 18th and 19th

This week has been packed with devblogs and news about major Update 1.67, but we haven't forgotten our TSS tournament heroes!

24 February 2017

Weekend tournaments, February 25th-26th

New tournaments from the tss.warthunder.com! Participate and win great prizes!


23 February 2017

The Shooting Range Ep. 33

You are watching The Shooting Range – a weekly show for all tankers, airmen and aspiring captains in War Thunder.


23 February 2017

Guiana Highlands – The Lost world

We are pleased to present what may be our most unusual location yet for air Arcade Battles – Guiana Highlands.


23 February 2017

Pacific War Events

We are launching a test for a new kind of event, where you can choose which battle you would like to join!


23 February 2017

Special Discounts!

Do not waste opportunity to strengthen your War Thunder arsenal with  premium vehicles, which you can get for a discounted price.


22 February 2017

Battle of Stalingrad

Dear players, we have prepared number of special events which you can participate in for the rest of the week.


22 February 2017

Typ-Klasse 140 Jaguar: the Schnellboot Successor

The fast and deadly ‘Jaguar’ torpedo boat is one of the best representatives of its class in War Thunder.


22 February 2017