Planes, battles and flights

What PvP-mode options will the game feature?

There will be a lot of them:
•    Quick Game is a battle with random enemies of comparable skill levels based on scenarios such as aerial domination, capturing airfields, providing assistance in naval battles, defending or destroying enemy bombers, and many more.
•    Tournaments are battles with special rules that happen on a schedule, with requirements for all participants.
•    Global War is a mode about which details will be revealed later, but the general idea that a player chooses his side, and each battle is not a random game but a successive line of historically consistent victories and losses.
•    Sandbox mode leaves players free to define rules, limits, and goals on these servers
•    Dynamic campaign, user missions, single missions, and quick editor are modes in which players fight against AI, under certain circumstances.

Besides PvP-mode, are there any other game modes in War Thunder?

Our game is not only an entire online world of multiplayer air battles, but it’s also rich in various PvE missions such as dynamic multiplayer missions and single player missions. Alos, War Thunder players will be able to create their own missions with the Mission Editor.

What are the key features of the flight model?

We use our own flight model created partly on the basis of our previous projects, Wings of Prey and Apache: Air Assault.

However, we are working on massive improvements to the flight model, so during the game’s development it will improve significantly

What about game’s damage model?

We continue to tune up the damage system by modifying the one that was used in Wings of Prey. Ballistic parameters for all projectiles have been changed completely. Generally, we tend to stick to logic: one or two well-aimed salvos of machine gun fire, and almost any plane will be doomed. In addition to the overall consistency with historical facts, this gives the game its intensity and drive.

Is the flight model going to be historical or balanced? Will technical characteristics of real planes correspond to those of the in-game aircraft?

The flight model we use is historically accurate as much as possible, so the tactical and technical characteristics of all models will match with their real-world counterparts. We believe that it is much more exciting to pilot realistic planes than fictional ones.

Will planes run out of ammunition and/or fuel? If yes, will it be possible to restore them, and will landing be necessary for that?

Yes, planes can run out of ammo and fuel, and the game will feature a number of variations for restoring them.

Will there be nighttime battles?

It isn’t hard for us to create them, although they do have some particular challenges. PvE missions will certainly offer such battles.

Jets are believed to be the best possible aircraft among all of the planes that the game will feature. Will there be a way to give propeller-driven aircraft a chance, for example, by adding the experimental models of these jets?

We’ll make it realistic in a way that keeps the game interesting. Even early models of jets used to be superior in many situations. However, speed influenced their maneuverability – in a bad way. That’s why these planes were only used for particular missions.

Do you plan to limit the number of planes per one airfield?

Maps will accommodate 32 players. Airfield limitations will not be applied.

Will the damage taken affect an airplane’s characteristics and influence G-loads?


What happens when player’s plane crashes?

First of all, the crew never dies – they successfully eject from the falling aircraft.

If a player crashes, he spends some in-game points and takes off again, but on a different and completely new plane. If he destroys all of his planes, he won’t get back into the game during this round.

What is the range of visibility for planes in the game? What will influence visibility?

Normally, it will be possible to notice an enemy at range of 3-5km, or with more precise recognition, at 2km. However, an experienced virtual pilot will be able to spot planes even faster.

Visibility is also influenced by sun, weather conditions (such as fog and smoke), clouds, and of course landscape. Gunners in planes with crews will be trained to spot enemies, too. Here is how it will happen: the player spots a dot in the sky far away, keeps looking at it for some time (3-10 seconds depending on the pilot’s skills), and after that the target is marked as a spotted one and the player’s teammates receive a message about it.

Can any planes join the same team? Like, German and Soviet aircraft fighting on one side?

Yes, in the case of trophies. Players can unlock planes from different countries but there will be restrictions to prevent use of the planes that is inappropriate to the setting of each specific match.

Will propeller-driven aircrafts have a chance against jets?

We haven’t yet decided whether to place these two types of planes on the same maps or to keep them apart. But of course there must be limits to balance these machines. Anyway, for some combat missions the advantages of jets will be absolutely ridiculous.

Will Sabers have reflex sights?

Of course they will.

Where will players appear in the beginning of every match: on a runway or in the sky?

Either is possible. It depends on the particular battle scenario.

How large the will the maps be?

Their size in the current version of the game is always at least 65x65km, and it can go up to 100x100km. For jets in the Korean theatre of war, we plan to have areas of 200x200 km. We have the technical potential for larger maps and we are ready to make 300x300km locations.

Will it be possible to interact with the environment: buildings, trees, bridges?

Yes! Also tree branches, wires, antennas, for example – all of these objects will be interactive. (All of them can of course be destroyed… or must be destroyed.)

Will ground forces move in the real-time? Will they be engaged into the battle?

Yes, they will.

The Pacific theatre of war assumes presence of aircraft carriers, right? Will planes be able to take off from carriers in the game?


Gameplay Out Of Combat

What will players do between combat mission?

In the game player is represented by his plane (which can be purchased), rank (which partly defines ability to buy new planes), experience, medals and decorations – these are player’s stats available for observation to other players. The game also features a line of personal tasks, missions and achievements. In a word we will offer a lot of positively acclaimed schemes of character progression.

Will it be possible to improve weaponry/engine/entire aircraft? If yes, how realistic will be be?

Yes, as much as possible without conflicting with the game’s principles. A P-39 will remain a P-39, but you’ll be allowed to change its alignment, give it better fuel, as well as load different types of ammunition and hang in some bombs. Perhaps we’ll work in features such as extended ammunition, radios, installation of oxygen equipment, and so on. Players may also get a plane with a worn-out engine that needs to be replaced with a new one; some guns may jam from time to time. Everything is designed according to real life situations on the one hand, and in-game balance on the other. 

What about the progression of our character in War Thunder?

Players will train the skills of the crew: pilot, mechanic, shooters (with traits like vigilance, endurance, tolerance to overload, and others). Also, there are usually physical parameters that may vary for different people and can be developed with training, such as stamina, accuracy (for AI shooters), vigilance and observation skill, resistance to stresses, and so on. Also, initially players get a pretty old and worn-out plane so the player must develop his plane, which involves obtaining new suspended weaponry and improving it, ammunition selection, the best fuel, and sometimes a more well-oiled engine for the aircraft and more reliable weapons, etc.

What kind of visual customization will the planes have?

In terms of purely external modifications, there’s a lot of this in War Thunder (painting, drawing symbols with different decals or pin-up girls, stenciled text, etc.).

Controls and complexity

How complicated will it be to fly in War Thunder? Is it a sim, or an arcade game, or something in the middle?

It’s a MMO Action game dedicated to World War II military aviation, armored vehicles, and fleets. It can be defined as a ‘simulator’ because it’s simulating flying a plane. But it’s not a WWII era plane trainer. All regular (quick) battles will have settings like Realistic, to make the battles historically accurate. In Sandbox mode, players will be able to tune difficulty and realism levels however they want.  Tournaments can also have special settings that would differ from the Realistic preset.

In regular matches, planes will follow the rules of aerodynamics. So new players may find it necessary to use a virtual instructor to prevent the plane from stalls, spins, and extreme G-loads. This assistance, on the other hand, will set limits to the player’s freedom of flight. The flight model we use is historically accurate as much as possible, so tactical and technical characteristics of all models will match with their real-world counterparts.

Will such specific maneuvers like the Immelman turn be available for certain planes?

Yes, they will be available.

Can the player control flaps and other elements of the plane?

Players will be free to switch on manual control of such elements. By default auto-trimming is on.

What about 3rd person view?

It will be available, yes.

Will some planes have afterburner?

Of course, for some situations this is crucial.

What about control devices? Is a joystick required to play the game?

Avia Sims are not really simple: player have to learn to move in three dimensions and to think about their speed, acceleration, capabilities of the plane, and whatnot. So it’s hard to invent something more appropriate for a flight simulator than a stick. However, a keyboard and a mouse are absolutely enough for the game especially when you switch to the Mouse Aim* mode that makes it possible to control the aircraft with 1 hand. The keys work as usual, and the mouse serves to replace the stick. Flying a fighter will be more dynamic with a stick or a gamepad. For bombing or assaulting a ground target, keyboard + mouse will work fine. Switching to gunners in a bomber and controlling those turrets with your mouse is also a wise choice.

What control device should players choose for War Thunder?

The best possible replacement for a joystick, if you simply don’t have one, is a gamepad. The keyboard and mouse can be rather effective for flying a bomber or an assault fighter. But a device with a stick gives an aerial advantage. 

Gamepads (Xbox 360 for Windows for example) are comparable to some inexpensive joysticks (the kind that also requires a mouse and a keyboard). A gamepad can replace all of these devices, though some keys on the keyboard will have to be used. But still a gamepad is not as accurate as a stick.

For those who have nothing except mouse and keyboard and also has no experience in flight simulators, we've created our Mouse Aim* control system which with assistance of the virtual Instructor makes it easy to fly with a mouse and using the keys very rarely. 

Can a player swap seats from the pilot’s position to the gunner’s position?

We are going to make it possible, but in the beginning only pilot cockpits will be available.

Will detectors and devices show the plane’s actual state when in cockpit view mode?


*Patent pending

FAQ: War Thunder version for PlayStation® 4

What is War Thunder?

War Thunder is a free-2-play cross-platform MMO combat game dedicated to major World War II battles. It combines aerial and ground multiplayer battles all in one gaming experience.

Can I play the game offline?

No, you need internet connection at all times in order to play War Thunder.

Does the game require PS Plus to play multiplayer?

No, you can download the game from the PS Store for free and play it without any restrictions.

Is there any single-player content?

Yes, there are dozens of missions and also dynamic campaigns that can be played alone or in co-op with up to 4 people. There are also two historical campaigns based on the real battles between USA and Japan in the Pacific - they can be purchased additionally as part of Pacific or Ultra Advanced Packs.

Is there some exclusive content for PS4 version?

Yes, all PS4 players will get a unique decal for decorating their planes and they can also purchase an exclusive “Invader” Advanced Pack which includes US attack aircraft A-26C-45-DT Invader and other bonuses.

Will be there any benefits for PS Plus owners?

Yes, PS Plus owners get a 15% discount for buying a premium account and another unique decal for decorating their planes.

Can PC and PS4 users play together?

Yes, the North American PS4 version of the game is cross-platform between PS4, PC and Mac OS. You are playing on the same server and even can form squads (up to 4 people) to play together regardless of user’s platform.

How much does PS4 version differs from the PC one?

The game is basically the same on all platforms, except controls and interface.

Can I use my existing PC-account on PS4?

You have to create a new account for PS4 and can’t use your existing account.

Can I use my existing EU PSN-account in North American version?

You have to create a new NA PSN-account and can’t use your existing account.

I'm trying to use my PSN email to register in game, but it says it's already taken.

It means that you already used this email for playing War Thunder, and using existing accounts is not allowed. You can use any other of your emails for playing on PS4.

Can I play War Thunder on PS4 using flightstick, mouse or keyboard?

You can use any USB-compatible keyboard or mouse - just plug-in them into system. The support for flightsticks will be added in future updates.

Does the game support the PlayStation Camera?

Yes, it is used for head tracking so the player can look around in-game without using the controller. It can be enabled in game options and works only in cockpit view for planes.

How can I purchase digital goods for my PS4 account?

You can purchase Golden Eagles and Advanced Packs through PS Store - use the “Store” button in the upper right corner of hangar screen.

Can I get some in-game advantages by paying real money?

No, you can’t! There is no way to get any advantage in battles by spending real money.

You can buy Golden Eagles – special in-game currency which you can use to train your crews faster and unlock new vehicles and upgrades for them earlier. But you’ll be fighting against more experienced and better equipped users, who didn’t spend anything.

You can also can buy premium account with Golden Eagles, which lets you earn more Silver Lions and Research Points for each battle, and this also allows you to unlock new vehicles and upgrades for them earlier.

Lastly, with Golden Eagles you can buy “premium” planes and tanks, which come prepackaged with all upgrades. But they aren’t any better than regular planes – these are just rare models, like Australian aircraft in the UK research-tree.

Account security and forbidden game modifications

Can malefactors possibly access War Thunder accounts passwords?

We can officially state that the players database has never been compromised and any rumours of such are false. Users’ login data is not grouped in any kind of ‘database’, so the breach of any database is not possible.

User authorization in War Thunder is a subject to a secure salted hash algorithm, these are near impossible to breach even if a malicious individual could even access any player database.

Unfortunately, some of our players still use the same or similar logins and passwords to access different systems, which gives an attacker the best opportunity to steal information from unsecured sources and use it to compromise careless players’ accounts.

We advise you to use a unique complicated password for your War Thunder account; it will greatly improve your personal data security.

Is it possible to use cheats in War Thunder (like speed-hack, invulnerability and other unfair advantages)?

All movements and player interactions like collisions, damage etc. are calculated on the server side. It means that even if corresponding parameters are modified on the client side, the cheater will not actually gain any advantages like invulnerability, increased damage or anything similar. Anyone pretending to distribute software that gives such advantages is probably a fraudster looking to steal your money or compromise your personal data.


Can cheats enabling markers and lead indicators in Simulation Battles exist?

Finding and identifying targets is an essential part of the Simulation battle mode and players are , theoritically, able to modify game files to see target markers on much greater distances then intended (thus violating EULA and becoming susceptible to permanent ban). Calculating visibility on the server side is an option, but it will raise the connection quality reuqirements dramatically; players will need zero packet loss with a latency of 50ms or lower. Higher latency values will cause players to appear and disappear in plain sight. Our game is not so demanding to player’s internet connection, basically allowing to play on any server from anywhere in the world. One of the consequences is that enemy aircraft visibility is only calculated in a set radius around the player.
Nevertheless, visibility “cheats” do not give any noticeably advantage in aircraft duels, because markers are always displayed at distances allowing to reliably hit a target anyway. Our tests show that enabling lead indicators for one of the teams does not give it any significant advantage. On the contrary, tactics, communication and skill always determined the outcome of battles.

But we still continue working on identifying illegal game modifications and banning players that use such modifications because we beleive that cheating breaks the spirit of sportsmanship even if it doesn’t give a big advantage.

What is aim-bot or auto-aim?

The term originates from First Person Shooters, since in the majority of shooters it is enough to move mouse cursor to a certain point and press “fire”; huge part of gameplay is to match crosshair with a target.

In War Thunder in “aiming mode” a player controls not the direction of fire but the desired direction of a plane instead. AI and predictive calculations manage aircraft controls and aircraft tries to adjust to the intended course as soon as possible. Sometimes it is not possible at all, in other cases the optimal path is not possible to calculate correctly. Also it is never possible to change the flight path immideately unlike the FPS games. Enemy is usually a considerable distance away so you need to lead your target while firing and shoot the point where you expect your enemy to be when the bullets reach it. This requires understanding of the situation, maneuvering accurately, knowing advantages and disadvantages of both aircraft, imposing your initiative on the enemy.
Practically auto-aim is the targeting mode itself in aircraft games. When you direct where to fly, all the complex operations with aircraft’s controls are made by your computer. Matching mouse-aim crosshair with lead indicator grants no advantage to the player since it does not guarantee a hit, but takes away the control of battle - player’s aircraft is copying his enemy’s maneuvers thus loosing the initiative and giving his opponent an opportunity to use all the advantages of his plane.

We have conducted multiple tests and they show that “ideal” auto-aim-bot (which is hard to achieve without  a possibility to modify both server’s and client’s code at the same time) shows results similar to those of an average player in arcade battle mode, even worse in realistic battles and (simulator battles do not have mouse-aim). In duels such an “ideal” aim-bot (stil impossible without modifications on server) will more likely weaken the player.

As a result we decided not to implement auto-aim as a control mode in the game, since it rather misleads players, prevents them from learning how to fly and gives no advantages to the experienced pilots.

What should I do if I find an exploitable game bug?

Online games, like any other programs, may contain errors that users can exploit to gain some benefits. We do our best to fix such exploits as fast as possible, but sometimes new ones appear. If you find a potentially exploitable game bug, you should immediately report it to one of our moderators or administrators on the forums or via a private message. Using them to obtain any advantages is strictly prohibited by the EULA and may cause permanent blockage of your War Thunder account.

Partner system Revenue Share

What is Revenue Share?

Revenue Share - is a support program for user generated content, created in the War Thunder CDK. A player will get rewarded for his or her input into the game development if created by them and the content has been used in War Thunder

How will the award be calculated?

An award will be payed at 25% of the income, which the Company will get in a set period of time or in a one-time payment. If content is distributed as a premium proposition (for example, as an advanced pack), when content from other authors is included inside it, the award will be calculated proportionally. For example, the Company decided to pay the author for an aircraft model, which is included in a pack with 5 aircraft (4 of which were made by other authors or developers). If Company got $1000 income, then the authors share will be ⅕ of the income * 25% (award amount) and will be $50.

In what time-frames will the award be paid?  

The first award will be paid no sooner than 180 days after content was added to the game. After that, an award will be paid during 30 days from the end of the calendar quarter at which Company received the income from the distribution of said content. The amount of the one-time payment shouldn’t be less than $500. If during the accounting reference period the amount of the award is less than $500, then payment is transferred to the next accounting reference period or (only by the Company decision) until the amount of the total award will not reach $500 or more.

How can I get the award?

The award is paid by bank transfer, cheque or any other method, not excluding WebMoney, at the discretion of the Company.

Assistance agreement:
General Information

What is War Thunder?

War Thunder is a next generation MMO combat game dedicated to World War II military aviation, armoured vehicles, and fleets used in the period between 1939 and 1953. You will take part in many of the major combat battles fought during World War 2 and the Korean War, fighting with real players from all around the world.

Do I need to buy the game and/or pay a subscription in order to play War Thunder?

No, the game is completely free to download and play without any restrictions or fees.

Can I play the game offline?

No, you need a constant internet connection in order to play War Thunder.

What stage is the development at now? When will the game be finished?

The game is in the open beta testing stage for PC, Mac and PS4 at the moment. Official release will be announced at a future date.

What plans do developers have for the near future in War Thunder?

  • New aircraft and ground vehicles.
  • More events and competitive modes.
  • Linux & tablet versions.
  • Cross platform play is already in and working well but we will be looking to increase the portfolio.

Can players from around the world play on any of the US, European, Russian or Asian  servers?

We have one global account server. User within the game can choose to play on any or all of our EU, US or RU cluster, so the players can communicate with the world as well as in their native languages.

Can I play War Thunder using gamepad or joystick?

Of course! The game supports many gaming devices including different gamepads, joysticks, head-tracking and VR-systems such as Oculus Rift and many more.  

How many game modes are in the game?

There are several competitive multiplayer modes, squadron battles and also missions (including the ones created by users with help of an in-game editor or via CDK tool) and dynamic campaigns. Missions and campaigns are playable both solo and cooperatively.

What’s more, each mode can be played with Arcade, Realistic or Simulator difficulty settings. This way War Thunder accommodates the needs of all players: from newcomers to seasoned veterans. In the future, the global “World war” mode will also become available.

What is the planned “World war” game mode?

In this mode the squadrons (player-made communities) will be fighting for global dominance in different theatres of war all over around the globe.

How many players are able to play together?

More than 6 million users have registered in the game up to this point. But in most game modes, the maps are designed for 32 players split into two teams.

What aircraft and ground vehicles are available in the game?

Players are free to choose between the military aircraft of five main nations: USSR, USA, Britain, Japan, and Germany and currently two nations in ground forces: Ussr and USA. Some aircraft that represent other nations (Australia, Italy, France and others) are available in the tech trees of other countries. All aircraft and ground vehicle models featured in the game were used in combat in all of the major military operations of WWII and the Korean War.

Is the list of playable vehicles final?

At the moment there are more than 350 aircraft and over 80 ground vehicles in the game and more are added with each major update. The complete list of aircraft and vehicles is significantly larger, taking into account all possible modifications, and armament variations, vehicle types (Mobile AA, Self propelled guns etc) and visual tuning. Approximately 9,000 different aircraft and ground vehicles fought in WWII – that’s the ideal number we are aiming for!

Will player-controlled aircraft fight in the same battle as player-controlled ground forces?

There will be separate maps for aircraft versus aircraft, tanks vs tanks and mixed battles. In the latter case the battles will be balanced in such way that aircraft and ground forces each have their own combat tasks.

When will naval forces be added to the game?

This will be announced later, possibly as early as 2015.

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