Heavy Tank T34: Commanding Respect

The Heavy Tank T34 is another tank with the designation 34, but now this title conceals not a nimble Soviet medium tank, but a real American “heavyweight.” 


24 February 2017

A-26B-51: The King of Attackers!

The A-26 Invader is now available, 14 Brownings, two turrets, rockets and bombs!


24 February 2017

Typ-Klasse 140 Jaguar: the Schnellboot Successor

The fast and deadly ‘Jaguar’ torpedo boat is one of the best representatives of its class in War Thunder.


22 February 2017

T14: The Ground Assault Tank

The T14 assault tank was the product of a collaboration between British and American engineers.


21 February 2017

Spähpanzer Ru 251: The Fastest on land

The Spähpanzer Ru 251 is a German light reconnaissance tank developed in 1964 to replace the obsolete American M41 Walker Bulldogs in service in the Bundeswehr.


18 February 2017

B-10B: The Racing Bomber

The American high-speed Martin B-10B bomber, created in the early 1930s and able to outpace contemporary biplane fighters!


17 February 2017

Centurion Mk I: A Tank for a New Era

The British Centurion Mk I medium tank was the first serious attempt by the British to create a tank for a new era. We are proud to present the forerunner of the illustrious line of tanks in War Thunder.


16 February 2017

We answer your questions!

Welcome to the new Developer Q&A section, in which we’re going to publish our most exciting development plans and explanations about how the game mechanics work. Simply and concisely.


16 February 2017

Type 87: The Japanese Gepard

The Japanese Type 87 anti-aircraft gun came to replace the export version of the American Duster SPAAG.


15 February 2017

Spitfire Mk IIb: an old friend

Introducing another aircraft model update, this time - it’s an iconic WW2 fighter - the Supermarine Spitfire Mk IIb.


14 February 2017

New Tracers

In one of the nearest War Thunder updates, we will significantly improve the visuals for tracers in our game.


14 February 2017

New naval forces location : English Shore

We would like to introduce a new location for Naval Battles - “English shore”. The rocky isles of  misty Albion await!


8 February 2017