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Place Player
Victories/battles ratio
Air targets destroyed
Ground targets destroyed
Lions earned
XP earned
Play time
1 aleksandr5555 19.1K 25.3K 75.6 % 64.7K 39.6K 39.9K 327.9K 466.9M 28.7M 4.8 M
2 Mr_Kat_0901 14.0K 19.8K 70.9 % 68.5K 38.9K 59.6K 131.1K 385.4M 33.7M 4.1 M
3 Haardo39291 11.4K 16.7K 68.3 % 62.4K 44.8K 52.9K 101.8K 457.5M 33.1M 3.1 M
4 MAISKIY_ZHUK 10.4K 13.0K 80.4 % 38.0K 23.8K 43.7K 117.5K 146.6M 17.9M 2.4 M
5 _PoFiG_ 10.3K 15.2K 67.9 % 60.5K 41.8K 19.6K 104.2K 291.9M 25.2M 2.7 M
6 emslavi 10.3K 14.4K 71.3 % 48.8K 31.9K 21.5K 134.2K 172.1M 24.1M 2.7 M
7 hankers 9.8K 12.1K 81.2 % 34.2K 20.2K 18.8K 88.2K 214.0M 23.4M 2.3 M
8 PO3A_BETPOB 9.5K 16.9K 56.6 % 48.6K 32.2K 29.1K 48.3K 192.5M 21.0M 3.4 M
9 ASAHII 9.4K 11.9K 79.3 % 24.8K 12.0K 70.3K 11.9K 344.9M 33.7M 2.5 M
10 Favorit444190991 9.1K 13.4K 67.8 % 44.5K 29.2K 24.6K 74.1K 232.4M 23.5M 2.6 M
11 deathcz 9.0K 15.6K 57.7 % 43.9K 29.8K 48.5K 43.8K 189.8M 21.6M 3.5 M
12 YankeeZephyr 9.0K 14.2K 63.4 % 45.2K 29.5K 55.5K 81.2K 187.3M 21.2M 2.9 M
13 gora36 8.7K 18.6K 47.0 % 43.2K 27.3K 23.1K 47.2K 123.4M 15.3M 3.7 M
14 timur_2008_ 8.7K 17.5K 50.0 % 37.9K 25.3K 30.2K 80.7K 278.9M 29.5M 2.7 M
15 Harsan 8.6K 14.1K 60.8 % 47.4K 30.9K 49.0K 21.3K 319.7M 27.4M 3.0 M
16 shotanjala 8.4K 17.3K 48.9 % 50.0K 32.9K 34.5K 22.4K 101.3M 13.9M 3.5 M
17 Anshu 8.3K 13.2K 63.4 % 34.4K 23.1K 25.7K 42.7K 245.4M 28.8M 2.2 M
18 MiG2000 8.3K 15.2K 54.8 % 24.0K 16.1K 24.1K 51.1K 213.9M 22.0M 2.3 M
19 NemaN 8.2K 12.3K 66.9 % 44.1K 29.7K 44.8K 72.6K 234.4M 21.2M 2.6 M
20 A_Rabbit 8.2K 11.3K 72.9 % 50.4K 36.6K 31.3K 119.5K 359.4M 36.0M 2.3 M

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