Operation S.U.M.M.E.R. (updated 25/07/2016)

Pilots and tankers, the last month of summer will be a month to remember. We’re announcing the start of a big new event: Operation S.U.M.M.E.R!


29 July 2016

Squadron Battles

In War Thunder update 1.61, squadron battles will switch to a full-fledged seasonal system. Read the details in our Developer Diary.


29 July 2016

Updated model of the He 111H-6 bomber

Excellent news for fans of German aviation: one of War Thunder’s old timers, the He 111H-6 bomber is receiving an updated model! In addition, we’ve fixed a range of bugs that were present in the old model.


29 July 2016

Invite a friend - now with even bigger rewards!

Winning a battle together with your friends in War Thunder is a rewarding experience - and now, we're making sure it's going to be rewarding on all levels!

29 July 2016

Rapid Fire and Floats!

Be it in an intense air battle, on a chaotic battlefield, or in turbulent waters, strike down your enemy and use your skill and might to bring your team to victory. Additionally, for RB and SB pilots, there will be new EC events available! So, have a great weekend, and good luck!

29 July 2016

The Shooting Range Ep. 6

Welcome to the new video series from the creators of War Thunder Video Tutorials! Meet “The Shooting Range!”.


28 July 2016

M4A5: Canadian Cadet

Good news for all collectors and anyone who just loves unusual vehicles – very soon, the range of ‘rare’, but series-produced vehicles in War Thunder will receive a new addition: the M4A5 medium tank!


27 July 2016

Crew Reinforcements

We're present you the latest War Thunder mechanic – Reinforcement. You will be able to draft a new crew member on the battlefield !


27 July 2016

Ace of the Month - General Johannes 'Macky' Steinhoff

A phenomenal fighter pilot, Johannes ‘Macky’ Steinhoff is remembered as one of the fiercest Luftwaffe pilots In German aviation history, flying both during and after WW2, shooting down 176 aircraft during his service time.


26 July 2016

Thunder League Battlegrounds 7x7 - Updated

Fellow pilots and tankers! Today, all squadrons in War Thunder can compete in a new type of squadron battle - the Thunder League Battlegrounds in the 7x7 format!


26 July 2016

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