Have you had a War Thunder question preying on your mind for quite a while now? Then don’t miss the opportunity to meet Gaijin CEO Anton Yudintsev during gamescom 2015 in Cologne!

20 July 2015

War Thunder Video Tutorials - Part 11: Tanks Armour

In the eleventh video we will discuss tank ammunition, armour, its penetration mechanics and tank vulnerable spots.

15 July 2015

War Thunder EPIC PLAYS #22

Pilots and Tankers! We continue the video series under the project: “This Is War Thunder - Top 5 Epic Plays”

13 July 2015

Prize Questions: The Vote

Vote on which Community question to Gaijin CEO Anton Yudintsev interests you the most - and win exclusive Crossout Closed Beta Access in the process!

29 July 2015

T-34 57

As a member of the T-34 line of Soviet tanks during the Second World War, the T-34-57 is a much loved vehicle for the mid-ranked matches in War Thunder.

29 July 2015

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Stow the boiling vessel - Target front!

We would like to proudly present to you a project that the development team has been working on diligently for a long time - British ground vehicles!

28 July 2015

Supermarine Attacker

Today featured in our 'Vehicle Profile' series is the British Supermarine Attacker, the first operational carrier-based jet aircraft of the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm.

28 July 2015

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Battles of Caucasus & Ruhr

This weekend: Join the fierce air battle over the Ruhr in 'Guardian Angels' as a pilot, or man your tank and join the famous 'Battle for the Caucasus'! 

24 July 2015

Douglas A-26C

Douglas Entered into service toward the end of WW2, this attack bomber found itself in front line service well into the jet age due to its load capacity, versatility, and, thanks to its clean, sleek lines, speed.

23 July 2015

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Rapid Fire!

Join the 'Rapid Fire!' event this weekend and battle in AA vehicles for victory! Are you brave enough to call-in air support in this battle of AA only?

22 July 2015

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