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11 July 2017

F-84G Thunderjet: Blazing Rocketeer

From nearly facing project cancellation to becoming the primary strike fighter of the US Air Force in the Korean War, meet the definitive version of one of the first American close support aircraft of its kind that almost never came to be - The F-84G Thunderjet.


11 July 2017

Become a Tester for Italian aircraft! (Available aircraft list updated)

We invite you to participate in an historic event for our game - the introduction of a new nation! Meet Italy in War Thunder!


11 July 2017

World War: Start of the closed beta!

Squadrons begin their glorious journey in the all-new gaming mode - World War! Closed beta testing launches tomorrow, read more for details.


10 July 2017

“Colosseum” Series of Tournaments - July 2017

The “Colosseum” series of the team tournaments continues! In July, you will be able to participate in the following tournaments.


8 July 2017

War Thunder Competitions - June winners

After reviewing the entries of our last month's Community competitions, we are now happy to announce the winners that are sharing a total prize fund of 10 500 Golden Eagles! Interested in joining in yourself? Find out more here!

8 July 2017

Thunder Show: Take two

It's time for your weekly episode of the Thunder Show! Enjoy our selection of epic and humorous Community videos of the week.


7 July 2017

Total Domination

Put your teamplay skills to good use in a new gaming event Total Domination! Your goal is to capture all contested points SIMULTANEOUSLY and hold them for just 15 seconds to win the round!


7 July 2017

The Shooting Range Ep. 52

You are watching The Shooting Range – a weekly show for all tankers, airmen and aspiring Captains in War Thunder.


6 July 2017

Weekend tournaments, 8th -9th of July

Pilots and tankers! Every weekend we continue to introduce more tournaments on the TSS portal!

6 July 2017

The Battle of Kursk

Take part in the reconstruction of the Battle of Kursk! The event will be in the AB, RB and SB game mode with historical vehicle setups.


5 July 2017

Players who surprised us in June

We are happy to introduce the very original top-5 players from the previous month. Unusual achievements you could never think of. Every one of these players is extremely good in his own way on gaining victory - or at least trying to do so.


4 July 2017